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Guide To Start A Business In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners

Guide To Start A Business In Saudi Arabia For Foreigners

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s largest economies depending on the oil industry. However, other sectors must be taken into account to sustain growth. And therefore to encourage and promote foreign investments the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made some changes to business regulations.

By loosening the restrictions the government has now opened the doors of opportunities for all foreigners to develop their businesses in the country in various sectors.

If you are a foreigner wondering how to start a company in Saudi Arabia, rest assured because the Company Hubs got you covered for those complex bureaucratic hurdles in the process. Nonetheless, the ease of restriction does not mean instant approval from the local government because every foreigner still has a long list of procedures before the business is ready to launch.

Business setup in Saudi Arabia may sound a bit complex for having to set up a legal framework to register a company. In such circumstances Company Hubs assists with everything a foreigner needs for Business Set Up in Saudi Arabia starting from registration to legal structuring, licensing to liaison services.

Company hubs cover the following procedures:

Company Hubs will help you in the preparation of all documents relevant to the process of incorporating a company owned by a foreigner or setting up a new business.

Company Hubs also take care of the submission of all required documents to relevant ministries:

● Ministry of Commerce

● Documentation of the company’s legal framework and entity.

● General Authority of ZAKAT and TAX

● Chamber of Commerce

● Ministry of Investment (MISA), formerly Saudi

● Ministry of Labor and Social Development

● Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)

● Ministry of Justice

● Visa and immigration process handling for entities or individuals working as Partners, General Managers or Investors of the company to be registered.

● Visa and immigration process is handled for foreign individuals who are working as employees of the company to be registered.

Why Choose Company Hubs?

Company Hubs cater to international organizations of all business sectors who need help setting up a company in Saudi Arabia. All the services are served on a personalized basis because it is taken care of that every company of any business sector is unique in its way and thus each of them requires a specific approach. The first and foremost thing done by Company Hubs is to understand the nature of the client’s business and then work accordingly to identify the most effective and fitting solutions.

With localization, it becomes easy to communicate on behalf of the subject to the authorities. Company Hubs is known for the tailor-made solutions churned out by utilizing in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and corporate-structuring landscape in Saudi Arabia. If you also are looking for suitable assistance to smoothen your business setup in Saudi Arabia, check out