How It Works - Local Small Businesses

How It Works - Local Small Businesses

We put your business in front of locals who are searching for goods and services

Customers search Twidloo to find reputable local businesses that can meet their needs, whatever that may be. We show them your business profile, they browse through the content on your page, read your reviews, credentials and qualifications and compare them to other members. 

Locals learn about your business via your profile on Twidloo

When users browse Twidloo they are searching for information based on specific keywords. It's your job to load your profile with as much relevant information (keywords) and content as possible.  Adding details about your business as well as photos, videos, articles, coupons and special offers will help to rank you higher in local search results (Google, Bing,Yahoo) and on Twidloo. Every word published on Twidloo is searchable by our users on Twidloo and gets picked up by search engines. For example, say you specialize in civil war era picture restoration. You add those words anywhere on your profile. Someone then does a search on Google for civil war era picture restoration in your local area. Your Twidloo profile shows up in the results! 

Wow them when they call or visit and ask them to leave a review!

Simply sign up as a free Standard Member, join as a Featured Member or search for an unclaimed business listing. Signing up is quick and easy. By completing a profile you will gain exposure in your local area through Twidloo and major search engines.  When customers reach out or visit it is your chance to shine. Make sure you wow them with your service and offerings. Remember the goal is to gain a customer for life! Make sure you ask every customer to leave a review on Twidloo. Their testimonials will help future customers decide on choosing you as their local go to business and will be an asset which fuels future business growth.