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How It Works - Event Pro's & Services

We put your business in front of people who need your services

Customers come to Twidloo to find the best local Event Professionals and Services for their special event. They want skilled Pro's who will deliver great results. We show them your business profile, they browse through the content on your page, read your reviews, credentials and qualifications and compare them to other members. 

Customers submit leads via your profile contact form

When a customer thinks you might be a good fit, they’ll reach out.  We call this a lead and it’s a big deal. The customer found you and something compelled them to contact you to hear what you have to offer. For free Standard Members all leads are verified by the Twidloo team before they are sent over for purchase. Featured Members receive leads, at no cost, direct to their inbox. 

How do I get customers on Twidloo?

Simply sign up as a free Standard Member, join as a Featured Member or search for an unclaimed business listing. Signing up is quick and easy and it's the only way you can receive leads and referrals through our platform. By completing a profile you will gain exposure in your local area through our site and major search engines. When you receive a lead, respond quickly (within 24 hours) with a complete quote, or ask for more information. Either way, you have started the dialog and have a good chance of obtaining that customer! As a member you also will be eligible to receive referrals through our matching system. Members that have 100% complete profiles typically perform better than those that don't. On Twidloo content is king, the more pictures, videos and articles you create or upload the higher your ranking on Twidloo and in major search engines like google, bing and yahoo.