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Small Business Articles

Top Business Buzzwords — and What They Really Mean

The terminology of the business world can be overwhelming if you’re new to the industry. To help, here are 10 business buzzwords and what they really mean. View More

How to Resolve Conflict at Your Small Business

Disagreements and tension are great for business, if you manage them well. View More

How to Use Clubhouse to Market Your Business

Clubhouse’s exclusivity is also its biggest benefit: here’s how to network and build your brand on the hottest new social network. View More

How SCORE Can Help You Start a Business

SCORE is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting new business owners. Here’s how SCORE’s resources can assist you in your startup. View More

How to Run a Fully Virtual or Remote Business

Looking to run a fully virtual company in today’s remote business world? Here are some tips for doing it right. View More

LinkedIn’s VP of Diversity Explains Why Diverse Companies Are More Profitable

Companies where people of color and women have equitable representation are more profitable. View More

5 Easy Ways to Support Remote Employee Wellness

Especially during COVID-19, how do you check in with your employees to ensure their health and happiness? Here are five tips to do just that. View More

How to Choose Between Sole Proprietorship and LLC

If you’re starting a business, you may be wondering what type of business structure you should set up. Learn about the two most popular options for small business owners: sole proprietorship and LLC. View More

CO— Roadmap for Rebuilding: Planning Your Financial Future

In the latest CO— Roadmap for Rebuilding event, small business owners and experts shared important considerations about accounting, financing and long-term growth. View More

What Is a Small Business Development Center?

If you’re a small business looking for additional resources, find and contact your local small business development center. View More

How to Protect Your Business Bank Account

The FDIC will insure your business earnings in certain circumstances, but you need to do more to protect your business bank account from fraudsters and hackers. View More

How Big Brands Are Rethinking Supply Chain and Fulfillment

Innovative new models for getting product to customers emerged as brands began to rethink their supply chains. View More

How One Entrepreneur Launched a Food Business Mid-Pandemic

Kara Freedman started her hand-baked vegan oat bites business during the pandemic. Here’s how she used her down time to build her brand. View More

What Transcription Software Is Best for Small Business?

Transcription software is a great tool for small businesses, as it can quickly transcribe accurate notes and memos. View More

Cybersecurity Tips for a Remote or Hybrid Workforce

If your company is transitioning to a hybrid work setting, here are ways to keep your remote network secure. View More

Influencers Build Trust Between Consumers and Brands Amid COVID-19

These modern-day marketers aren’t new, but more brands are leveraging them to create the kind of experience that cements brand loyalty. View More

How to Start a Beauty Supply Store

A combination of new shipping and manufacturing methods make beauty stores an ideal choice for starting a small business. View More

PCI Compliance Guide for Small Business

Protect your customers and your business by meeting these PCI compliance standards. View More

Digital Benefits: What They Are and How to Offer Them

Employers can offer voluntary digital benefits to employees and contractors to affordably expand their total compensation package. Here's how they work. View More

How to Start a YouTube Channel

Follow the below strategies to successfully launch a YouTube channel and supplement your core marketing efforts. View More

Tips for Cross-Cultural Communications in Virtual Meetings

In the age of virtual meetings, cross-cultural communication can sometimes present challenges for business leaders. Here’s how to tackle them effectively. View More

Can a Small Business Invest Earnings?

Invest or reinvest your earnings to continually grow your business no matter what happens in the market. View More

How to Get Past Your Fear of Failure

There are many sources of entrepreneurial fear. Here, you'll learn about the 7 most common sources of fear that business owners experience and how to leverage your fear into opportunities. View More

S'well Partners With Vitamin Company New Chapter for Growth

A collaboration with vitamin company New Chapter could provide a template for future revenue streams, says CEO of the sustainable brand. View More

Amazon Small Business Academy: E-Commerce Tools & Resources

Amazon is committed to helping small businesses succeed; and through the Amazon Small Business Academy, e-commerce retailers can get access to insights, tools and resources to help boost sales. View More

Small Business Update: PPP for Small Businesses

The Biden Administration announced significant changes for the Paycheck Protection Program. This Small Business Updates outlines the changes and answers common questions. View More

Lululemon Bets on a Digital Future With Purchase of Fitness Device Mirror

The fitness device now gives the athleisure retailer the ability to bring its brand into the home workouts of its customers. View More

How a Small Dance Studio Pivoted Online During the Pandemic

Lisa McCabe, founder of Lovely Leaps, believes every child should learn to dance for the fun of it. Here’s how she adapted to virtual classes during COVID-19. View More

How Pet Products Company Chewy Is Repositioning Its Brand

A focus on innovation, like the launch of ‘Connect with a Vet,’ has helped the brand reposition to chase a bigger share of the $99 billion pet market. View More

10 Work Trends to Prepare Your Business For

A list of trends rapidly evolving the business environment and actionable tips on how to navigate them. View More

TikTok Marketing: 8 Strategies Small Businesses Can Try

TikTok can be an excellent platform for building brand awareness and bringing in new leads and customers. If you’re not sure how to use TikTok, here are eight companies that will inspire you. View More

How to Start a Podcast: Small Business Guide

An effective podcast generates additional revenue streams for your business and opens a new engagement channel with your customers. View More

How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Using Instagram Stories is the best way to beat the algorithm and build more engagement with your followers. Learn six ways you can use Stories to promote your business effectively. View More

Why Mentorship is Important for Small Business Owners

Reflecting on personal experiences and mentoring with intention are key to the growth of entrepreneurship. View More

CO— Roadmap Roundtable: Building a Brand from Scratch

In this roundtable discussion, branding expert Lara McCulloch of Start Some Shift explains how to identify and build a small business brand people will rave about. View More

How Noom Incorporated Psychology and Technology Into Its Weight-Loss App

After ‘years of struggle,’ the heath-tech disruptor is leveraging behavioral science and full-time coaches to ride a wave of growth, says CEO and co-founder Saeju Jeong. View More

Turning Your Creativity Into a Craft Business

If you have an artistic side, you might be able to parlay this creativity into a money-making craft. Here are 10 handmade business ideas that could spark a new business venture in your life. View More

My Eyelab Franchise Owner Discusses Entrepreneurship Through the Pandemic

After an 18-year-long career in marketing, Yousuf Ali decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur — and the benefits of franchising paved his way to owning two Texas-based My Eyelab locations. View More

How to Grow Sales Through Customer Engagement

Customer engagement takes a little time and effort, but regularly responding to followers on social media is a proven way to boost your sales. View More

Top Wellness Benefits to Offer Employees

Your employees are an invaluable asset to your company, so you want to make sure you’re setting them up for success. Here are seven wellness benefits that your employees will appreciate. View More

How Cure Hydration Obtained Business Funding to Catalyze Its Growth

With a World Health Organization-approved formula and accessible wellness ethos, powdered electrolyte drink Cure Hydration is aiming to improve on plain old water. View More

How to Prepare Your Business for the COVID-19 Vaccine

The federal government has begun coordinating COVID-19 vaccine distribution across the U.S. Here’s how employers can get ready and how the vaccine could change their operations. View More

How This Husband-and-Wife Duo Grew Their Art Business on Social Media

Through increased social media efforts, Patrick and Laura Connelly of custom artwork brand Stellar Villa managed to grow their business during the pandemic. View More

Capezio Dancewear Partners With GBG for Expansion

The iconic dancewear brand is moving into licensed sportswear and footwear for men, women and kids. View More

How to Apply for a PPP Loan From a Nonbank Lender

Nonbank lenders may be able to process your application faster than a traditional bank. View More

Ways to Improve Your Brainstorming Process

Effective brainstorms require logical planning and processes. View More

Why Innovation Must Be a Routine Function in Your Business

Companies small and large must evolve for the future or be disrupted out of business. View More

Top Tools to Help Scale Your Business

The process of scaling your business is different than growing it — and these ten tools can help you scale strategically. View More

Valentine's Day Illustrates How Brands Now Market to Singles

E-commerce has made it easier than ever for companies to abandon a one-size-fits-all message and court solo consumers. View More

How to Make Your Small Business More Innovative

Anyone can have good ideas, but you’ve got to draw them out and develop them. View More

CO— Roadmap for Rebuilding: Starting a New Business

In our first Roadmap for Rebuilding event, panelists shared personal stories about starting businesses today and tips for obtaining financing. View More

Muros Brings Communities Together With Local Art Experiences

Through his art agency Muros, Dave Seidler helped turn the global anxiety of 2020 into an artistic outlet for communities. View More

How to Set Up Accounting: Small Business Guide

As a new startup, one of the best things you can do for your business is properly set up your accounting right from the start. Here's how to do it. View More

What to Know About Second-Draw PPP Loans

Many businesses that received PPP loans in 2020 can now apply for second-draw PPP loans. Here’s what they need to know about this expanded program. View More

How to Build an Amazon Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to sell more products on Amazon, consider starting a store that will give your brand more visibility. Here’s what you need to do to launch your store. View More

Saks Embraces Tech to Find Success During the Pandemic

The legacy luxury retailer got a pleasant surprise during the pandemic: Its customers still wanted to buy designer clothes and shoes. View More

What Are the Different Types of Nonprofits?

Learn more about the 27 different types of nonprofit designations and the requirements that pertain to each one. View More

The Power of a Positive Workplace for Small Businesses

Establishing and communicating values, beliefs and goals is paramount to the true success of any business. View More

Spiritual Rap Artist Combines Philosophy, Music to Inspire Kids

View More

What Is Clubhouse and How Are Some Businesses Using It?

This buzzy new app presents a powerful new marketing opportunity for your business. View More

TikTok for Business: How to Make Videos That Drive Sales

While TikTok is one of the newer social video platforms, the service has many millions of users in the U.S. Businesses can use these tips to connect with them. View More

Opening a Facebook Shop: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you run a product-based business, Facebook Shops can help you reach more customers. Learn what this new feature is and how to set up your shop in five simple steps. View More

Guide to Shuttered Venue Operator Grants in the Latest Stimulus Package

Live venue operators affected by COVID-19 disruptions might want to move quickly to apply for new grants created in the latest government stimulus package. View More

Experts Predict Pandemic Changes That Are Here to Stay for Small Business

Small business experts predict these changes from the COVID-19 era will still be around in the post-pandemic world. View More

Facebook Stats: How to Measure Success With Metrics

You have a Facebook page for your business, but how do you know if it’s helping your bottom line? Here are the top Facebook stats you should be tracking. View More

How Chipotle's CRM Takes Customers on Personalized Food Journeys

Emails are populated with messages that serve the customers’ needs and reflect the company’s sustainable brand mission. View More

17 Accounting Terms Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

Even if you have your own accountant, it’s important to know certain financial terms that could assist you in understanding your business. Here are 17 terms to know. View More

How to Become a Socially Responsible Business

If you're a small business, you can still create a plan to give back to your community as a socially responsible business. View More

What Characteristics Do Successful Businesses Have in Common?

We spoke with 10 business owners who shared the most important characteristics of successful businesses. View More

How Staying True to Core Values Can Guide Brands During a Crisis

Plus-size fashion startup Henning and emergency prep brand JUDY had to react quickly to the unexpected when the pandemic changed their plans. View More

How to Write an Effective Grant Application

Writing a strong grant application can help your organization receive the funding it needs to fulfill its mission. These tips will help you get started. View More

10 Ideas for Starting a Mobile Business

Rev up sales with a retail shop on wheels. View More

8 Directories to Find Black-Owned Small Businesses

Black-owned businesses get can get listed in these directories to help consumers find them. View More

How to Protect Your Business's Intellectual Property

In light of the CASE Act, many businesses are thinking about their intellectual property. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your IP. View More

Twitter Analysis: How to Measure Success With Metrics

Twitter can help you grow your business and reach new potential customers. To maximize your chances of success, you’ll want to track these seven stats. View More

Instagram Stats: How to Measure Success Through Metrics

Instagram can help you grow your business and find new customers if you’re reaching the right audience. These six stats will help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy. View More

How to Open an Amazon Store: Expert Insights & Advice

You can make your brand stand out by customizing your own store on Amazon.com. View More

5 Ways to Get Promoted in 2021

Tact and planning ahead are the keys to getting promoted in 2021. View More

How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

As it’s one of the most-visited sites globally, businesses should make sure they have a presence on YouTube. Here are eight tips to help highlight products and services in engaging ways. View More

LinkedIn: Understanding Social Media Stats and How to Measure Success

Success on LinkedIn comes from connecting with the right audience, which is why it’s important to track your metrics. Here are six ways to measure your success on LinkedIn. View More

How a Self-Discovery Journey Led to a Handmade Artisan Business

After an inspiring trip through Central and South America, entrepreneur Yvette Perez-Sosa launched Finding Vettey to share hidden, handmade art with the world. View More

Common Traits of Businesses That Thrived During COVID-19

While many businesses have struggled during COVID-19, others have pivoted and experienced growth and success. Here are some common qualities of those businesses. View More

This Skin Care Startup Founded with $3,300 Now Heads to 505 Target Stores

How hard work, friendship and an eye towards affordability helped Three Ships capture market share in the rapidly growing natural beauty category. View More

Business Certifications: Small Business Guide

If you’re eligible, obtaining business certifications can give you access to more opportunities. Here are some of those certifications and how to apply. View More

How Startup Hella Cocktail Landed Nationwide Distribution

Catering to new tastes and sober-curious millennials, Hella Cocktail is paving its own path to success. View More

What’s the Difference Between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Unsure whether to hire an accountant or a bookkeeper? Here’s the difference between the two. View More

How to Create Contactless Human Experiences for Customers

These small business owners discuss the new ways they've found to let customers know they're there for them. View More

Trending Etsy Business Ideas to Consider

Entrepreneurs looking to tap into their creativity when starting a business may want to join the 3.7 million “makers” or sellers who currently leverage the power of Etsy to build their businesses. View More

YouTube: How to Use the Platform's Stats to Measure Success

To implement a successful YouTube strategy, you need to know how to track your analytics. Here are the main YouTube stats you should be measuring. View More

What Tasks Should Small Business Owners Outsource to Save Time?

Services such as bookkeeping, copywriting, graphic design and IT management can be outsourced to help self-employed small business owners save time. View More

Small Business Update: PPP and Stimulus Q&A

In our third Small Business Update, U.S. Chamber Chief Policy Officer, Neil Bradley, and Chief Digital Officer, Mike Morello, answer tough questions about PPP, ERTC and EIDL. View More

Why Diverse Leadership Requires the Right Education & Succession Plans

Stephen Bailey of ExecOnline looks to develop the next generation of business leaders through diversity education and inclusive succession plans. View More

How to Seek Permission to Use Copyrighted Material

The CASE Act makes it even more important to get permission before you use copyrighted material in your business practices. Follow these steps to avoid potential copyright violations. View More

Moosejaw Aims to Drive Growth With a Broader Base of Outdoor Enthusiasts

The company believes inclusivity is the key to welcoming and supporting the next generation of campers, hikers, backpackers and climbers. View More

How Good Face Project Got Chosen for Target's Accelerators Program

Leveraging transparency and accessibility, the startup’s platform helps retailers tap into growing consumer demand for ‘clean’ products. View More

Commonly Overlooked Small Business Tax Credits

Explore these commonly missed tax credits to see if there are opportunities to lower your 2020 tax burden. View More

What Happens When Someone Violates Your Copyright?

Learn what qualifies as a copyright infringement — and what you can do about it. View More

Small Business Owners Share The Inspiration Behind Their Ideas

“Aha!” moments can be subtle or significant, but almost every business has one worth telling. View More

Why You Should Consider Hiring the Year

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, economists expect 2021 will bring increased economic growth and more opportunities to hire. View More

JUNIPERunltd Offers New Approach to Multibillion-Dollar Adaptive Market

Backed by Frye's brand manager and Disney's licensee, Global Brands Group seeks to offer engaging content and well-designed products in a new online resource for persons with disabilities. View More

Updating Your Marketing in 2021: Simple Steps to Take Now

The new year is an excellent time to reevaluate your marketing strategies and make some changes. If you’re not sure where to start, these 10 simple steps can help. View More

How to Simplify Your Inventory Management

If you're struggling with your inventory management, here are five ways to simplify the process. View More

Neighbor Brings Airbnb-Style Marketplace to Self-Storage

The peer-to-peer space-sharing platform accelerates growth during pandemic, backed by new investors and veteran expertise. View More

Understanding Fair Use and Small Business Copyright Issues

View More

What Small Businesses Can Learn About Safety from Amazon

In a facility tour and roundtable event in Houston, Amazon shares safety advice for businesses of all sizes, including easy-to-implement solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs. View More

Google, Gap and Bevel on the Three Trends Shaping Business

Execs from the tech giant, apparel chain and the Procter & Gamble-owned men’s startup unpack the pandemic-nudged market shifts poised to fuel business this year — and why they matter. View More

How to Create a Supply Chain Backup Plan

If your distribution was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, here's how to create a supply chain backup plan and prepare for future uncertainty. View More

Copyright Small Claims Court: What You Need to Know

Learn how the new copyright small claims law could impact your business. View More

Free Online Classes for Entrepreneurs

Are you a new entrepreneur looking to build your business, or a seasoned one looking to pivot or grow yours? Here are five websites that offer free courses for business owners. View More

How Your Small Business Can Support B2B Small Businesses

In these trying times, small businesses have a unique opportunity to help other small businesses. View More

Staying Focused in Hard Times: Tips for Small Business Owners

When confronted with challenging times, business owners should take these steps to regain focus on their priorities. View More

Small Business Trends: What Customers & Employees Want

Some trends come and go, but these six changes in customer and employee behavior are here to stay. It’s time your business got on board. View More

How B2B Startup Fabric Plans to Disrupt E-Commerce

Flush with $9.5 million in funding, B2B startup Fabric aims to snatch market share from players like Shopify, while wooing brands from ABC Carpet & Home to Juicy Couture. View More

Small Business Update: PPP Loans and the Employee Retention Tax Credit

In our second Small Business Update, U.S. Chamber Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Neil Bradley, and Jeanette Mulvey, Content Director at CO—, discuss additional stimulus details. View More

How Hershey's Found Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders created even bigger demand for chocolate and candy, and the 134-year-old brand delivered. View More

Expert Tips for Gaining Customer Traction

Traction is important for any new business, especially one that's looking for investors. Follow these expert strategies to gain customer traction. View More

A Guide to Venture Capital

Venture capital is a great option for new businesses looking to grow. Here’s how it works. View More

Pandemic Marketing: Learn How a Savvy Entrepreneur Is Adapting

Annika Connor of Annika’s Art Shop was about to launch her business when COVID-19 shut down her apparel factory. Here’s how she adapted to the pandemic. View More

Tips and Tools to Help You Build Your Brand From Scratch

Today, it’s more important than ever to create an authentic brand that resonates with your target customers. These tips and tools will help you build a strong brand from scratch. View More

2021 Business Idea Inspiration: How to Thrive in the New Year

If you’re looking to start a business in 2021, here are some ideas based on industries that have thrived during COVID-19. View More

What Is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software ensures that your business’s inventory remains at optimal levels. But what features should you look for when choosing the best software for your business? View More

The Surprising Psychology of Successful Entrepreneurs

Experts reveal the right mix of passion, confidence and risk-taking. View More

11 Small Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial mindset can develop at a young age. Here are 11 ideas for teenagers looking to break into business solo. View More

Panel Moderators Find Success Adapting to Virtual Events

Moderate the Panel, a women-led network of panel moderators, successfully readjusted their business to the virtual event age. View More

Shipt, Target’s Delivery Startup, Eyes Growth in a 'Contactless World'

The platform added 250,000 workers to its driver network in 2020 to meet soaring demand for e-commerce in 2021. View More

Small Business Update: Stimulus and PPP Loans

U.S. Chamber Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Neil Bradley, and Jeanette Mulvey, Content Director at CO—, discuss the new coronavirus relief deal. View More

Pandemic Panic-Buying Bolsters Sales for Toilet Paper Startup

Who Gives a Crap scores a royal flush with a sustainable, socially conscious business model. View More

Small Business Owners Share Their 2021 New Year's Resolutions

Inspiring ways to start the new year with creativity, optimism and a pathway to growth. View More

Interview With the Co-Founders of Row House

This husband and wife team started their rowing business in 2014 and have never looked back. View More

Why Taking Time Off Is Important — Even If You Love Your Job

Real vacations (and weekends) are vital to maintaining motivation. View More

Inventory Management Terms and Definitions

The right inventory management strategy can make your business more efficient and can even help you save money. To get started, here are six inventory management terms you’ll want to know.  View More

Choosing the Best E-Commerce Platform for Your Business

COVID-19 has dramatically increased the number of e-commerce transactions. If you’re launching an online business or expanding your current store, having the right e-commerce platform is key. View More

Cooking Entrepreneur Expands Business Through Virtual Classes

Monika Reti of Hipcooks found success and a new audience by bringing her cooking classes online during COVID-19. View More

Top Business Predictions for 2021: Experts Weigh In

In 2020, businesses faced tremendous new challenges due to the pandemic. Here’s what experts are saying is on tap for 2021. View More

How to Market Your Handmade Business

The world is ready for the authentic, the one-of-a-kind, and the thoughtfully produced. View More

Thinking Big About Small Business Advertising

Learn how multiscreen advertising has never been easier, more affordable and more critical to reaching customers and growing your business. View More

Customer Traction: 5 Steps to Customer Growth

If you’re in the early stages of building a business, you need to focus on customer traction. Learn what customer traction is and five steps to make it happen. View More

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for investors, you’ve probably heard of private equity and venture capital. But what’s the difference and which option should you pursue? View More

Top Small Business Experts to Follow on Social Media

There are many people out there with great advice for small business owners. Here are seven that may not be on your radar but should be. View More

How Do Older Entrepreneurs Compare to Younger Business Owners?

Research debunks the myth of youth and reveals advantages in wisdom, connections and practical experience. View More

How the Pandemic Is Sparking Growth in Livestreamed E-Commerce

Startups like NTWRK to the likes of Instagram and Amazon are powering livestreamed commerce, helping retailers and brands “think out of the box” and drive business. View More

Facebook Creates New Social Selling Tools for Small Businesses

The Facebook Shops platform lets merchants leverage social media connections to drive sales, and also fuels the site’s long-term growth strategy. View More

Types and Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Most people have the necessary talents; if only they were recognized and developed. View More

Truck-Based Businesses Succeeding During the Pandemic

Truck-based retail companies are driving sales during the COVID-19 pandemic with goods and services to go. View More

How to Start a Handmade Business

Most entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats. Handmade business owners wear one extra: maker. View More

How to File a Research and Development Tax Credit

You may be more eligible than you think to claim expenses against the lucrative R&D tax credit. View More

Fintech Startups Offering Buy-Now-Pay-Later Payment Options

How installment payment platforms are changing the shopping game for reaching credit-averse consumers. View More

What Is Dropshipping? Here's What You Need to Know

A dropshipping model lets you sell products to customers without having to hold inventory. Here are five things you should know before starting a dropshipping business. View More

California Music School Pivots to Virtual Lessons During COVID-19

Danielle Wells of Class Act Music Academy found creative ways to pivot her music school to online learning. View More

How to Choose the Right Private Equity Fund for Your Business

“Private equity” actually encompasses a few different types of funds. Here we outline the differences in these funds and how to choose the right one for your business. View More

Verizon’s President of Business Discusses His Mentors

T.J. Fox shares how an unofficial-yet-influential roster of mentors, including his own employees, shapes his leadership style, informing a new small business initiative he’s spearheading today. View More

How to Open a Shopify Store in 5 Steps

Shopify makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to sell their products online. Learn how to set up your Shopify store in 30 minutes or less. View More

How to Measure Employee Productivity

In today's remote work world, it can be difficult to measure employee productivity. Here are some ways to ensure your workers are performing at their best. View More

Hippie Snacks Takes a Measured Approach to U.S. Expansion

The natural foods company hopes to stand out in a crowded marketplace by creating new categories of better-for-you snacks. View More

What to Look for in a Third-Party CRM Implementation Partner

A third-party implementation partner can save you valuable setup time for your customer relationship management (CRM) solution and help you make the most of it. View More

Beauty Entrepreneur Helps Kids Succeed in Virtual Learning

Jesseca Dupart of Kaleidoscope Hair Products is giving back to her local New Orleans community in a big way and empowering young girls to succeed during this virtual school year. View More

How to Find an Internship: 6 Steps to Take

An internship is a great way to get on-the-job experience and start building your network. Here are six steps to landing an internship. View More

Successful Companies that Reinvented Their Business

For some companies, it can pay off massively to pivot away from your core business and focus on something new. Here are 10 examples of companies that successfully reinvented their business. View More

CO— Blueprint: Deepening Customer Relationships Through Technology

In our twelfth episode, the panel focuses on helping businesses create digital strategies to serve their customers effectively. View More

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis for Your Business

A SWOT analysis can show you what’s going well in your business and help identify potential problems. View More

How to Best Utilize Your CRM Software

If your business has invested in a customer relationship management solution, here's how to optimize your software and get your money's worth out of your CRM. View More

How to Pitch Your Product to a Retailer

If you want your product to be carried by major retail brands, here's how to deliver an effective pitch to them. View More

Starting a Nonprofit: Guide for Founders

When you’re starting a new nonprofit organization, there are many aspects you should consider, including your mission, proposed budget and how you plan to fundraise. View More

Startups Explain How They Landed Millions in Funding

The founders of Fernish, Gemist, Seated, BloomNation and Gig Wage demystify the secrets of wooing investor dollars and funding success. View More

How to Write a Business Plan Quickly

Need to pitch your idea on the spot? This quick one-page business plan outline can help you get your foot in the door with investors and incubators.  View More

Rise & Shine: Daily Tips for Engaging and Empowering Your Team

Every day we bring you new ideas and tips to inspire you to support and manage your team through these unprecedented and challenging times. View More

Tech Support from Dell: Your Business’s Lifeline

Although you don’t have an IT department at home with you, Dell can provide the next best thing. Here’s a look at the tech support services from Dell and why they are especially important right now. View More

Pandemic Boosts Digital Gifting This Holiday Season

The gifting industry has been viewed as ripe for digital disruption for the past decade, but the pandemic and shifting consumer needs are helping these companies gain traction. View More

Recruiting Strategies to Improve Your Talent Pipeline

If you want to maintain a workforce of talented employees, you need to focus on improving your talent pipeline. Here are six recruiting strategies you can try. View More

Health Tracking and Contact Tracing Tools for Businesses

Businesses are expected to monitor and protect employee health now more than ever. Here are 10 tools that can help accomplish this. View More

How to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion at Your Business

A panel discusses reasons why diversity and inclusion are important for small businesses and communities alike. View More

The ‘Shoppertainment’ Trend: Spin Live's Partners With Shopify

After forging a partnership with Shopify, Spin Live is prepping for a new generation of live shopping entertainment. View More

Top Small Business Planning Strategies

The right business-planning strategies can make it easier for you to plan and eventually reach your business goals. If you’re not sure where to start, here are five strategies to consider. View More

How Small Businesses Are Planning for Holiday Success

‘Tis the season to, now more than ever, deliver on creativity, convenience and some much-needed holiday magic. View More

How to Make Your Business More Convenient for Customers

For small businesses trying to keep up with major retailers, here are tips to simplify and enhance the shopping experience to keep consumers coming back. View More

How Small Businesses Have Adapted and Survived During COVID-19

From virtual services to new products and processes, small businesses have dug deep for creative ways to pivot and survive during the pandemic. View More

6 Personality Traits of Great Entrepreneurs

Everyone knows it takes a special person to make a successful entrepreneur. But special in what ways? View More

How to Advocate for Yourself and Your Business

This year has been a pivotal moment for business owners advocating for their beliefs. Here’s how some experts have learned to become better advocates for their companies and communities. View More

Industrious Eyes Growth With Its Flexible Office Space Model

How the real estate disruptor, now partnering with Cushman & Wakefield, is capitalizing on a bright spot in the challenging commercial office market: flexible office spaces. View More

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? Here’s How to Tell

Knowing the answer is crucial to building a successful business. View More

Top SEO Terms for Beginners

SEO can be a difficult industry to master, but with a firm understanding of these 10 SEO terms, you can start optimizing your website. View More

What Is Scenario-Based Business Planning?

To minimize negative consequences your business could unexpectedly face, think about creating a scenario-based plan. View More

JibJab’s Responds to Pandemic With Quarantine Birthday Card

The viral video pioneer is returning to its roots with more timely content, but users remain the stars of its funny messages. View More

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Business owners overlook this common and costly problem. View More

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Award Winner

Jam Hops Gymnastics Factory was recognized as the Small Business of the Year for its commitment to transforming the lives of children at the 2020 Dream Big Awards by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. View More

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This year the holiday season will start earlier and require merchants to overcome shipping and supply challenges and find new ways of connecting with shoppers. View More

Guide to Restructuring Your Business's Debt

Here’s how to restructure your business debt to avoid bankruptcy and improve your cash flow. View More

How to Retain Your Best Employees

One of the best ways to keep your company growing is to retain core talent. Here are eight ways to keep your best employees on board. View More

Gemist Partners With De Beers to Disrupt Jewelry Industry

Customers can design their own rings and other bling online, and test drive a low-cost replica before committing to the real thing. View More

Small Business Listings That Can Boost Your Online Presence

Free local business directories are an easy and free way to boost your business’s online presence. Here are five small business listings you should claim.  View More

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Retailers Bet on Virtual 'Shoppable Moments' to Drive Holiday Sales

Marketers will leverage contactless shopping solutions to livestreamed events to woo cautious consumers during the biggest selling season of the year, PSFK trend experts say. View More

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How Winky Lux aims to grab market share from department stores with ‘joyful self-care.’ View More

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Small business owners can renegotiate bank loan terms and rates under certain circumstances. View More

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Relationship intelligence software is a technology that can help you better understand your customers and improve your sales. View More

What to Consider Before Expanding Your Products or Service Line

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Businesses that shut down during COVID-19 may have lost some momentum in their customer relationships. Here's how to encourage your customers to re-engage. View More

How the Pandemic Has Changed Customer Service

These five business owners explain how they're going to great lengths to keep customers connected with confidence during COVID-19. View More

How to Build An Effective Marketing Strategy On A Budget

Make the most of your marketing budget with these high-ROI, inexpensive marketing ideas. View More

Top Relationship Intelligence Tools for Small Business

Relationship intelligence tools give you actionable insights about your customers so you can close more sales. The six tools outlined in this article will help you run your business more effectively. View More

How to Plan for Financial Uncertainty as a Business

If your business plans ahead for financial ebbs and flows, you'll be better prepared to weather economic downturns and stay afloat in the long run. View More

How to Prepare Your Business for Sale

In this edition of “Ask the Board,” Bob House and Luba Kagan of BizBuySell explain how to prepare a small business for sale. View More

Fit:Match & Brookfield Properties Team Up to Eliminate Dressing Rooms

Full-body ‘scanning studios’ promise apparel shoppers the perfect fit — and a touch-free experience that holds newfound appeal amid COVID-19. View More

How to Prepare to Bid on a Government Contract

Government contracting can be a lucrative opportunity for small businesses, but it’s important to understand the bidding process in a post-COVID environment. View More

How to Build a Sales Team for Your Business

An essential part of every business should be a bustling and engaged sales operation. Here are tips to help you build the perfect sales team. View More

How WubbaNub Made It Big Through Celebrity & Brand Partnerships

How WubbaNub founder Carla Schneider built a baby product brand, sold at Target and Nordstrom, with a fiercely devoted fan base. View More

Top Sales Prospecting Tools to Help You Build Your Business

Sales can be a tough game, but the right prospecting tool can make everything a bit easier. These five sales prospecting tools will help you build a steady pipeline of leads to sustain your business. View More

Top Pandemic-Friendly Business Ideas

Starting a business during COVID-19 may seem impossible, but these 11 types of businesses can help you launch a business and even help others during the pandemic. View More

Seated App Pivots to Become a Multisource Sales Platform for Restaurants

With a quick pivot, a new acquisition and $30 million in fresh funding, startup Seated supports three sources of restaurant revenue: dine-in, pickup and delivery, and private events. View More

How to Build a Marketing Department for Your Business

Marketing plays an important role in improving sales and awareness for nearly every type of business. Here’s how to start building a marketing team to meet your goals. View More

How to Renegotiate a Business Lease

Business owners have some leverage when renegotiating a lease, but it’s important to present a proactive solution.  View More

Why You Should Allow Employees to Personalize Workspaces

Studies show that personalized workstations can boost morale among employees. View More

How to Offer COBRA Continuation Coverage

COBRA is a federal law that generally requires group health plans sponsored by employers with 20 or more employees. These steps will help you offer COBRA. View More

Top Tools for Building a Loyal Customer Base

The best way to grow your business and increase revenue is by creating an engaged and loyal customer base. These six tools will help you improve customer loyalty. View More

How to Write an Employee Offer Letter

With so many details, it can be difficult to remember to include everyone when drafting an employee offer letter. We’ve outlined the guidelines for how to write a formal offer letter. View More

Office Furniture Inventions Inspired by the Pandemic

These creative pieces can help keep your workplace safe and clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

The North Face Expanded Sustainability Efforts With ‘Renewed’

Repurposing used items becomes the next frontier in the evolution of sustainability amid the sharing economy. View More

How to Write a Business Plan During a Pandemic

The future is still unpredictable, which is why building flexibility into your business plan is critical. View More

Businesses That Will Remain In Demand Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 has increased demand for some businesses, and many of those businesses will remain popular after the pandemic subsides. View More

How to Conduct Reviews for Remote Employees

Prepare your feedback differently and make sure you’re meeting face-to-face during a remote employee review. View More

5 Consumer Buying Habits Resulting From COVID-19

Nicole Collida, senior vice president of Nielsen, reveals how a company's staying power can hinge on serving the nuanced shopper mindsets and buying habits birthed by COVID-19. View More

How to Identify and Tackle Imposter Syndrome

Employees of all levels and in businesses of all sizes have found themselves experiencing imposter syndrome — many on a regular basis. Here's what it means and how to combat it. View More

How Starbucks, Salesforce & WordPress Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

Panelists led by Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts say the pandemic and racial justice protests have highlighted the need for businesses to adapt and evolve. View More

Creative Staffing Solutions for Small Businesses

Hiring during COVID can be stressful. Here are some creative solutions for small businesses to find their ideal candidate. View More

Emotional Intelligence: A Guide for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a person’s ability to manage their feelings and empathize with others. In the workplace, this quotient can make or break your business. View More

How to Keep Employees Happy During COVID-19 [Interview]

Five small business owners on how the smallest gestures make the most satisfied employees. View More

What to Consider When Selling a Business During a Pandemic

Many business owners are considering retiring early. Here’s how the pandemic may impact the sale of your small business. View More

Buying a Commercial Building? Here's What You Should Know

When you’re buying a commercial building, it’s essential to do your homework and make sure the property is a good investment. View More

How to Stay Connected With Remote Coworkers

Remote work can feel lonely for many employees. Here’s how to stay connected with your former officemates while you work from home. View More

Funding Options for Hispanic-Owned Businesses

Despite being the fastest-growing demographic among entrepreneurs, Hispanic business owners still face challenges accessing capital. Here are nine agencies and organizations that can help. View More

CO— Blueprint: Recruiting and Managing Employees in a Virtual World

In our ninth installment, the panel focuses on helping businesses use technology to find and onboard top employees, and remotely manage cohesive teams. View More

Walgreens Partners With DoorDash in the On-Demand Economy

The drugstore chain’s vice president of digital commerce and omnichannel on how new instant delivery options enhance its strategy to help customers shop just how they want. View More

Business Ideas: Businesses to Start During a Pandemic

The current pandemic has opened up the door for new and expanded business opportunities as consumers adapt to post-COVID life. View More

Collecting Employee Feedback: Business Benefits and How to Improve

There is often a fine line between success and failure when providing feedback and engaging with your employees. Learning how really listen can help. View More

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. This framework is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. View More

How to Create a Virtual Micro-Experience for Your Customers

Delight customers with unique digital experiences to replicate your in-store service. View More

Best Fleet Management Tools for Small Businesses

Managing a fleet is not easy, but the right software can help. If you need a flexible fleet management solution, start with these 10 tools.  View More

How to Write a Family Business Succession Plan

Whether your family owned business is a Main Street mom-and-pop or a Wall Street powerhouse, a well-written succession plan can be crucial to the future success of both the company and the family. View More

Pandemic-Led Innovations Are Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Companies are turning to startups and tech firms for health screenings, contactless entry and other solutions needed to resume business. View More

Funding Options for Women-Owned Businesses

Women entrepreneurs are underrepresented in the ranks of American business owners, partially due to lack of funding. Here are 10 programs, agencies and organizations that are addressing this problem. View More

How to Get Your Paycheck Protection Loan Forgiven

Paycheck Protection Program loans have helped many companies make it through COVID-19-related disruptions. Here is what businesses need to do to get their PPP loans forgiven. View More

The Impact of COVID-19 on Women-Owned Businesses

According to a new study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the pandemic has disproportionately impacted the health of women-owned businesses. View More

Perks to Offer Remote Employees

A competitive benefits package is necessary if you want to attract and retain top talent. Learn about six unique perks you can offer your remote employees.  View More

Top Employee Productivity Tracking Tools

Tracking employee productivity will give you more insight into the performance of your employees. View More

How to Advertise Online

Online advertising can be daunting to newcomers, but it can quickly grow your business. Here is why you should invest in online ads and the four primary types of digital advertising. View More

How to Move From In-Person to Online Sales

Many businesses are shifting to online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Here are some simple tips on how to make the transition. View More

India’s Top Wellness App Cure.fit Expands Into the U.S.

With demand for self-care on the rise, India’s top wellness app is spreading its differentiated model of fitness classes to therapy sessions to the U.S. and worldwide. View More

How to Reward Remote Employees

Rewards can keep your team motivated and engaged with their work, which is critical when everyone is working remotely. View More

How to Meet New Customer Expectations

Businesses that embrace new customer experiences like virtual experiences and cashless operations will lead the way in our new world. View More

How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease

Knowing how to negotiate a commercial lease can save you from hidden costs down the road. Learn seven ways to negotiate a commercial lease successfully. View More

How to Grow Your Business During the Pandemic

With the business and the economy changed by COVID-19, there are still ways for you to grow your business during the pandemic. View More

Tips for Improving Public Speaking Skills

Improving your ability to speak to groups in both work and personal settings can help you excel. Here are seven simple tips to improve your public speaking. View More

Using Social Media to Promote Small Business During COVID-19

Five small business owners share how their social media efforts are proving fruitful for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

Benefits of Writing a Higher Purpose Statement for Your Business

Writing a clear statement of higher purpose provides clarity, purpose and inspiration that resonate throughout the business. View More

How to Encourage Social Distancing in Your Store or Office

Running a socially distant business is a must if you have a physical store or office. Here's how to encourage social distancing while providing great service. View More

How to Get Certified as a Woman-Owned Business

Being certified as a woman-owned business opens the door to several resources that can help your company grow. Here’s how to get your certification. View More

How to Become an Expert Content Contributor

Being a guest contributor increases your brand awareness. Here’s how you can pitch your content to major publications. View More

Recruiting Software for Building a More Diverse Team

A diverse workforce starts with your recruiting process. These five recruiting tools will help you build a more diverse team.  View More

Best Time Clock Apps for Remote Workers

The right time tracker can provide structure and accountability for your remote employees. These eight employee time clock apps are an excellent place to start. View More

Small Business Survey Shows Pivoting Increases Positivity

Results from the most recent MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll and several other small business surveys prove similar in terms of how business owners are weathering COVID-19. View More

Text-Based Commerce Surges Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Creating and maintaining a subscriber list is key to personalized, text-based marketing that drives business. View More

How to Bid on a Government Contract

Follow these steps to get your NAICS code and become eligible to bid on federal government contracts. View More

How to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

There’s no easy fix to improve your Google search ranking, but you can use these tips to start making improvements. View More

Harry & David Closes Its Stores to Focus on E-Commerce

The pandemic just accelerated the 86-year-old brand’s move to close stores and focus on e-commerce and digital marketing. View More

How to Go Cashless Quickly

With credit cards and payment apps becoming more popular, here are the steps your business can take to become cashless quickly. View More

How to Write a Business Plan During a Pandemic

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during periods of uncertainty, so here are some best practices to use when planning the approach for your business. View More

How to Get a Loan to Buy an Existing Business

Here’s what you need to know if you are considering taking out a loan in order to purchase an existing business. View More

Skills Gaps: How to Identify Them in Your Business

No single person possesses all the necessary skills to run a business effectively. Identifying skills gaps, in both yourself and your team, will ensure your company can grow. View More

How to Hire and Retain a Diverse Team of Employees

Here’s how to increase representation and create a more inclusive environment at your business. View More

CO— Blueprint: Rebuilding Your Brand

In our eighth installment, the panel focuses on helping businesses strike the right tone with an evolving customer base. View More

How to Create a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Creating a diverse, equal and inclusive environment is not only important for your employees, but it can also improve your talent recruitment and innovation efforts. View More

Best Tools for Reworking Your Business Plan During the Pandemic

Small businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. These tools will help you rework your business plan. View More

Doorkee Disrupts Real Estate Industry With Its Peer-to-Peer Model

The New York City-based real estate startup eyes expansion of its peer-to-peer model into major U.S. markets, taking on players like Zillow and Apartments.com. View More

How to Start a Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Launching a startup during a global pandemic is challenging, but it's not impossible. Here are some tips for starting a business during COVID-19. View More

How the Pandemic Will Influence Future Consumer Spending

The pandemic has made wellness and conscious capitalism related trends that will inform what we buy in four critical ways, says futurist Emma Chiu, global director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. View More

How to Deliver a TED Talk

Having the opportunity to give a TED Talk is a validating experience. Here are some tips to ensure that your presentation is engaging and authentic. View More

How to Onboard Employees During COVID-19

An effective onboarding process has always been necessary, but the limitations and needs that have come along with the pandemic will likely adjust your process. View More

Schnucks Utilizes Technology to Meet Demand for Locally Sourced Food

As consumer demand for locally sourced food grows amid the pandemic, the supermarket chain is leveraging a digital market to bring produce from small farmers to its stores. View More

Tips for Promoting Your Online Event Series

Online events have taken on a more prominent role during COVID-19, with in-person activities scaled back. Here are tips on how businesses can get the word out about virtual events. View More

How Companies Are Changing Benefits to Accommodate Remote Employees

As companies adjust to having more employees working from home, benefits and perks are changing to meet new needs. View More

Why Your Business Might Be Doing Better Than You Think

Many entrepreneurs pack unwanted self-doubt into their company's financial health. Here's how you can dig deeper into how your business is actually doing. View More

Permanent Changes to Small Businesses Resulting From COVID-19 [Interview]

Five small business owners discuss ways their businesses have pivoted in the face of COVID-19 and how many of those changes are here to stay. View More

How Coworking Spaces are Revamping Amid COVID-19

Coworking spaces are adapting new sanitation and floor layout strategies to create safe environments for businesses. View More

Fidelity and Impax Discuss Growing ESG Investment Trend [Interview]

ESG funds — investments based on environmental, social and corporate governance goals — are continuing to grow during the pandemic. View More

How to Write a Diversity and Inclusion Statement

A D&I statement is a great starting point for small businesses seeking to improve the experience of both employees and customers. View More

Bevel Maintains Authenticity Among Procter & Gamble Acquisition

How CEO Tristan Walker maintains an authentic connection with consumers as it expands to more than 10,000 retail doors. View More

CO— Blueprint: Operating a Socially Distant Business

In our seventh installment, the panel offers advice and strategies for businesses that are building social distancing into their plans. View More

The Importance of Putting People Before Profits in Business

In addition to a focus on profitability, the most successful business owners are the ones who put their people first. View More

High-Level Women's Professional Network Chief Poised for Growth

Launched in 2019 to encourage in-person networking, the platform’s founders discuss pivoting to virtual events and growing fast. View More

How to Implement an Employee Brand Ambassador Program

Personal branding expert Talaya Waller offers her best advice to small businesses looking to expand their brand’s reach. View More

How to Create a Native Advertising Plan for Your Business

Native content is gaining ground as one of the most effective forms of marketing. Here’s how to put this method into practice at your business. View More

How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch

The perfect elevator pitch is clear and concise, and it sells your idea with a compelling narrative. It’s harder than it sounds to craft the perfect pitch. View More

Franchises That Are Succeeding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many companies that use a franchising model have seen success despite new challenges around safety and consumer expectations. View More

Tax Resources for Independent Contractors

The way you handle taxes as a self-employed independent contractor is very different from how employees submit their taxes. Here are some tax resources for independent contractors. View More

Pivoting Sales Strategies for Small Business Owners Post-Pandemic [Interview]

New regulations amid COVID-19 have forced the small business community into finding innovative ways to stay connected and reach consumers with their goods and services. View More

Top B2B Sales Tools for Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of sales teams to operate remotely and businesses should invest in the B2B sales tools available to help their remote sales staff thrive. View More

What Is Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is a person who designs and launches a new business and bears most of the risk of running that business. View More

How to Pivot Your Business to Survive the Pandemic

During these turbulent times, your business has had to navigate through uncharted waters. Here’s how to change your business model successfully to survive the storm. View More

How the Wellness Industry Is Changing During the Pandemic

The pandemic is remaking the $4.5 trillion business, fueling the rise of telemedicine, at-home fitness and digital therapy, while redefining consumers’ definition of health and well-being, too. View More

How to Create an Effective Business Logo: 4 Expert Tips

Ross Kimbarovsky, founder and CEO of crowdspring, offers his best tips to small business owners looking to create an effective and long-lasting logo. View More

What Is a Community Development Financial Institutions

A CDFI is a private financial institution with the goal of expanding economic opportunity in low-income and low-wealth communities. View More

Modcloth Leaves Walmart and Reconnects With Customers

After ending a two-year relationship with Walmart, Modcloth is reconnecting with its customers and its roots. View More

How to Support Employees With Kids

Many parents are wondering how they will manage a full-time job while helping their children navigate digital learning in the fall. Here are five ways businesses can support employees with children. View More

Coronavirus Challenges for Small Businesses

Five small business owners share how the coronavirus pandemic influenced their business and what they hope for the future. View More

What Is an Investment in an Opportunity Zone?

If you’re looking for ways to grow your investment portfolio, you might consider investing in an opportunity zone. Here’s what you need to know about the program. View More

How to Structure a Family Business

Formalize your business idea with the right ownership structure, business entity and tax considerations to protect the longevity of your company. View More

How to Create Long-Term & Short-Term Goals

Knowing how to set goals is vital to your success. These tips will help you set small, attainable tasks while working towards your greater vision. View More

How to Network from Home

Pro-tip: it’s all about cultivating relationships with meaningful online conversations, video chats, and constantly posting updates. View More

The Pandemic Is Reshaping Discussions About What Workers Need

Managers of remote employees need to boost soft skills, empathy and ‘mental health literacy,’ according to executives from Microsoft, The Adecco Group and more. View More

How to Get Promoted During a Pandemic

Performance reviews don’t stop in a pandemic. Here’s how to take the opportunity to gracefully ask for a promotion. View More

Chase for Business: Small Business Opportunities Post-COVID-19

Today’s transformed market presents challenges but also new opportunities for businesses to thrive. View More

Funding Options for Black-Owned Businesses

Black business owners face many hurdles, especially when it comes to securing capital. Here are nine government agencies, venture capital firms and programs that can help. View More

Executives From Google, Walmart & QVC Talk Innovation Tactics

Retail executives share stories on the unforeseeable eureka moments — from a child at play to a Harvard seminar to a candid remark— that informed a key business pivot. View More

How to Buy a Business During COVID-19

Thinking of buying an existing business during COVID-19? Here are some important things to keep in mind. View More

Top B2B Sales Tools for Small Businesses

Having the right sales tools will help you save time and reach high-quality leads. Here are 10 B2B sales tools you can consider. View More

Complete Checklist for Pitching Investors

Get your ducks in a row with this checklist before you bring your business idea to a room of investors. View More

How Pandora Is Supporting Small Business Marketing Efforts

The music and podcast streaming platform is promoting its ‘audio everywhere’ strategy as a way for local businesses to adjust their ad messages to a changing world. View More

How to Negotiate a Better Vendor Contract

Negotiating contracts with your vendors can save your business a lot of money. Here's how to do it. View More

Effects of Coronavirus on Small Businesses [Interview]

Five small business owners explain how COVID-19 affected their businesses and how they've been strategizing and pivoting in response. View More

CO— Blueprint: Starting Up and Starting Over During the Pandemic

In our sixth installment, the panel focuses on providing advice and strategies for those who are starting something new during this crisis. View More

What Is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is a for-profit business model that strives to make a positive impact on social issues or the environment. View More

Resources for Hispanic-Owned Businesses

Hispanic-owned companies are a quickly growing segment of U.S. businesses but still need assistance catching up in areas like funding. Here are seven organizations that can help. View More

Starbucks Expands No-Contact Offerings During Pandemic

The coffee giant leans into new opportunities like grab-and-grow locations and digital commerce in light of COVID-19. View More

Top Free Document-Sharing Tools for Small Businesses

The ability to store and share documents is critical for small business owners. These free document-sharing tools will make it easier. View More

How to Find the Right Investor

Finding the right investor for your business will save you time and allow to pitch only the best prospects. Here's how to do it. View More

How Bissell Is Leveraging Livestreaming to Sell Overseas

Iconic vacuum company tests live product demonstrations by ‘key opinion leaders,’ China’s answer to influencers in the U.S., on Alibaba’s Tmall marketplace site. View More

Best Tools for Customer Appointment Scheduling

Shutdown restrictions have forced many businesses to rely on online scheduling, but this can take a lot of time and energy to manage. View More

How to Use Direct Mail for Marketing

Direct mail is now making a comeback in the marketing world, where businesses are sending physical mail to deliver news and reinforce their brand. View More

Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

Numerous organizations and government agencies offer guidance and assistance to Black-owned businesses. Here are 10 you should know. View More

Top Cybersecurity Tips From Dell

Experts from Dell and McAfee tell us how businesses can keep their data secure when working remotely. View More

How Mattel and Walmart Pivoted to Boost Sales During COVID-19

Walmart’s ‘essential’ retail status, curbside delivery and ship-from-store service, let parents order toys along with groceries. View More

How to Host a Virtual Event

When COVID-19 made in-person business events “disappear”, many businesses transformed theirs into engaging, interactive, online events. Can your small business do the same? View More

Resources for Women-Owned Businesses

The number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. continues to grow each year, but many still need help getting started. Here are some top programs providing assistance to women-owned businesses. View More

Free & Inexpensive Email Marketing Tools for Small Business

Staying in touch with your customers is essential, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some free or inexpensive email marketing tools you can try. View More

Small Business Owners Reveal Their Best Marketing Strategies

Five small business owners share the most effective marketing methods that have been helping them through the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

CO— Blueprint: Growing an Inclusive Team

In our fifth installment, the panel discusses ways to help you create a diverse and inclusive team environment, even while working remotely or under strained conditions. View More

How to Set Up a Small Business 401(k)

Offering a 401(k) plan can make small business hiring more competitive and incentivize employees to stick around. Here’s what you need to know about setting one up. View More

How to Keep Your Brand Intact After COVID-19

While COVID may have forced your business to pivot, your core brand shouldn't have to change. Follow these tips to maintain your brand throughout the pandemic and beyond. View More

Businesses Capitalizing on the Rise of Remote Work

Pandemic spurs increased opportunities for companies offering self-care perks for remote employees, like at-home fitness classes, better-for-you foods and anxiety and insomnia relief. View More

Tips for Conducting Direct Customer Research

Primary customer research involves gathering data directly from your customers so you can grow your company. Here's how to successfully conduct direct customer research. View More

How Truff Hot Sauce Got Started on Instagram

Inside the social-first strategy powering Truff, the viral ‘luxury’ condiment and a top-selling hot sauce on Amazon. View More

How to Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor can be a difficult task because the best mentorships grow from informal, organic relationships. However, these tips will point you in the right direction to find a helpful mentor. View More

How to Create a More Inclusive Business

Inclusive businesses are innovative, profitable and safer for employees. Here’s how to build inclusivity into your culture and customer service. View More

Big Brands Explain Consumers' Demand for Comfort and Safety

Consumers are seeking out trusted brands, rewarding companies that understand their needs now — like stuffed animals donning masks, said executives from Kellogg’s and Family Dollar to Random House. View More

How to Get a Degree in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a versatile degree to help you in various career paths. Here’s how to choose the right program. View More

Free Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

The right marketing tools can help you build brand awareness and stay ahead of your competitors. Here are 10 free marketing tools to help your business. View More

Best Free Sales Tools for Your Small Business

The right sales software can make all the difference, and many of these tools are very inexpensive to use. Check out these 10 free sales tools for your small business. View More

How to Ask for a Raise During a Pandemic

Asking for a raise is never easy. Asking for a raise during a pandemic – even harder. Here’s how to do it effectively. View More

How to Become a Great Mentor

Becoming a mentor is a great honor and it is great for your career, but it can also be very daunting. These five tips will help you become an excellent resource to those under your wing. View More

CO— Blueprint: Restarting Your Sales

In our fourth installment, the panel will discuss ways to help you build your new sales strategy, generate fresh leads, and support your customers — remote or in-person. View More

Creative and Free Ways to Promote Your Business

From boosting your visuals to rewarding your loyal customers, there are several effective and affordable ways to spread the good word of your business. View More

Becoming a Virtual Company: Pros and Cons

As reopening plans across the U.S. get pushed back, many business owners are considering pivoting to becoming a virtual business—permanently—to save their companies. View More

How to Start a Business Without a Lot of Money

Get your business idea off the ground without spending a lot of cash upfront. View More

How Rebag Is Eyeing Growth in the Resale Fashion Industry

The resale destination for luxury handbags and accessories is seeing sales soar amid the pandemic, thanks to a tech edge and a human touch. View More

Reopening Mid-Pandemic: Common Business Challenges & Solutions

Reopening after COVID-19 comes with new challenges and costs to navigate for small businesses in every state. View More

How Hyatt, Sandals & citizenM Are Wooing Guests Post-COVID

In a travel and leisure sector hammered by COVID-19, these brands are betting on touch-free technology to woo and soothe cautious consumers, while exploring some surprising new revenue streams. View More

Impact of Coronavirus on Small Business Owners [Interview]

Five small business owners share their survival stories coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. View More

How to Build a Brand on Social Media: Small Business Guide

There’s more to social media than hashtags. Here’s how to build a brand that can foster customer loyalty. View More

How to Create an Employee Development Plan

Having a solid employee development plan can help you retain great employees by showing them you're invested in their success. View More

The Frozen Food Industry Is Getting an Upscale Makeover

Organic and higher-end brands are luring younger consumers to the freezer case — helping retailers log hefty sales gains in store and online, too. View More

How Are Small Business Investment Deals Structured?

Every deal is different, but here are some basics you need to know before approaching investors. View More

How to Start a New Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Starting a new job during the global coronavirus pandemic may seem impossible, but these six simple tips will help you thrive in your new position. View More

Successful Businesses That Were Started for Cheap

Are you trying to start a business, but worried about the funding? These 10 well-known companies were started with less than $10,000. View More

Best Free Apps for Editing Photos: Small Business Guide

If you’re looking to spruce up your business’s product images, there are several cost-effective tools available that can make images more appealing with just a few clicks. View More

What Is SaaS?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is any cloud-based software that is accessible through a web browser and is used by virtually all businesses in one way or another. View More

7 Service-Based Businesses Succeeding During Coronavirus

While some industries have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, other service-based businesses have flourished in the age of social distancing. View More

Free Accounting Tools for Small Businesses

Staying on top of your bookkeeping doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out these 10 free accounting tools for your small business. View More

Resources for Rebuilding Your Business After Coronavirus

Many businesses have had to rethink their operations post-COVID and start from scratch with a new model. These seven resources can help. View More

Guide to the Paycheck Protection Loan Extension

The Paycheck Protection Program, which offers forgivable loans to businesses impacted by COVID-19, has been extended by Congress. Here’s how companies can take part. View More

How to Communicate Change to Employees

Change is never easy, but great communication can make it less difficult. View More

Business Ideas & Trends Inspired by the Pandemic

Search, shopping and social trends can show savvy entrepreneurs where the next big business idea lies. View More

Ecological Business Trends to Watch

Modern consumers are not only looking for sustainability in the products they purchase but in the actual company they’re doing business with too. View More

10 Family Businesses That Have Made it Big

Running a business isn’t easy, but building a business with your family can be even harder. Here are 10 family businesses that defied the odds and succeeded. View More

How to Manage Customer During Reopening

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, businesses must properly manage their customers' expectations about new store policies and procedures. View More

Employer's Guide to Unemployment Benefits

No matter if your company is large or small, it’s important to understand exactly how the unemployment insurance system works and what happens when a former employee files for benefits. View More

CO— Blueprint: Planning Through Uncertainty

In this episode of CO— Blueprint, we discuss best practices for business owners who are looking beyond today’s tough times and planning for the future. View More

SBA Programs Every Business Owner Should Know About

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers opportunities for federal contracting dollars, grants and more to numerous small companies each year through these seven programs. View More

Tips for Creating a Recession-Proof Business Plan

In the post-COVID economic downturn, entrepreneurs should aim to build a recession-proof business plan. View More

Warehouses Increase Robotic Automation Amid COVID-19

Companies seek e-commerce efficiency and worker safety through robotics. View More

Target CEO: How Protests & COVID-19 Are Changing Retail

Brian Cornell says the nation’s eighth largest retailer — and the entire industry — must drive change and say ‘enough’ to racial injustice. View More

Steps to Building a Personal Brand to Support Your Business

By attracting and engaging potential customers, your personal brand can be one of your biggest secrets to success. View More

Return-to-Work Services for Employees Coming Back During COVID-19

Companies that are reopening while COVID-19 continues may want to adopt a return-to-work service that can help them track employee health and assess risk. View More

How to Write a Career Development Plan to Your Employees

Investing in the growth of your employees will help your business remain competitive and improve your employee retention. Here are seven steps you can take to get started. View More

How to Use Social Media to Attract Customers After COVID-19

Helpful tips include going live on Instagram and Facebook, creating and hosting a social media event and updating your business information on Google My Business. View More

How to Pitch Investors After COVID-19

Entrepreneurs who are pitching investors in the post-coronavirus age must be able to prove their business is viable and profitable in the current environment. View More

Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Event

Hosting a virtual event is a great way to build momentum for your company, but there is a lot of planning that goes into it. These seven tips will help you host a successful virtual event.  View More

How Woman-Owned Copper Cow Coffee Is Disrupting the Coffee Industry Amid COVID-19

CEO Debbie Wei Mullin reveals how this Vietnam-meets-California brew is soaring amid COVID-19 lockdowns — and drawing hard-won investor dollars with a little female grit. View More

What Are the Most Important Soft Skills for Career Growth?

In today’s modern workforce, developing and demonstrating your soft skills is necessary to advance your career and reach your goals. These are the 7 skills you need to succeed. View More

How to Generate Customer Loyalty When Reopening

While COVID-19 concerns persist around the country, reopening companies should spend time rebuilding relationships with loyal customers. Here are eight ways to do that. View More

How AR and VR Can Help Small Businesses

Not just reserved for bigger businesses, virtual and augmented reality can help small businesses boost their marketing and sales, as well. View More

Should You Get an MBA? What to Consider

Getting an MBA can make you stand out and enhance your career opportunities, but it may not be worth the investment. Here is what you should consider. View More

How 3 Startups Are Altering the Traditional Wedding Industry

The $75 billion wedding industry was ripe for disruption before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Innovators Anomalie, Bloomerent and Manly Bands are betting there’s still ample opportunity to do just that. View More

How to Prevent Employee Burnout

Prevent the feeling of burnout that leads to lost productivity, motivation and morale.  View More

How Coronavirus Is Expanding Usage of Contactless Payment Methods

As the economy reopens, businesses are rapidly adopting touch-free payment technologies to help keep both consumers and staff safe. View More

Guide to Employee Development

Investing in an employee development plan is an effective and affordable way to grow your business, increase productivity and adapt to unexpected challenges. View More

How to Get Customers to Return Post-Coronavirus

As businesses reopen around the country while concerns about COVID-19 persist, there are many things they should do to prepare for returning customers. View More

Free Team Communication Tools for Startups

There are tons of team collaboration apps available, but it can be hard to determine which platforms are right for your startup. Here are 9 great apps for chat, video conferencing and file sharing. View More

How to Make Any Business More Sustainable

The sustainability movement is steadily gaining momentum across all industries. Here are six ways to make your business more sustainable. View More

Benchmark Wine Expands Its DTC Business Amid Coronavirus

Benchmark Wine, a haven for collectors of rare wines, is leveraging the unprecedented e-commerce boom to expand its direct-to-consumer business to a wider audience. View More

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Resigning from a job is uncomfortable, but it’s important to get this right so you exit on good terms. Here are seven things to consider when writing your resignation letter. View More

How to Negotiate a Business Office Lease

Deciding to lease office space can be a nerve-wracking step for many business owners. Here are some tips for negotiating the best lease terms possible for your office space. View More

Top Resources for Minority-Owned Businesses

Many organizations and government agencies have a mission to provide guidance, financial assistance, networking and more to minority-owned businesses. View More

Meet the Startup Offering Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

Flush with $11 million in funding, the founder of DogVaycay is now tapping into the growing business of pet health tech. View More

CO— Blueprint: Re-Engaging Your Customers

In our second episode of CO— Blueprint, the panel will be discussing how to create a successful marketing strategy to help bring customers back to newly reopened businesses. View More

Tips for Job Hunting in a Pandemic

Shift your focus to remote-friendly jobs and market yourself online.  View More

Top Inspirational Quotes About Teamwork

Especially during difficult times, the right mindset can help your team push through any walls that are preventing it from being productive. Here are 10 great teamwork quotes to instill inspiration. View More

Yahoo's Business Maker Sees Spike Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Yahoo launched its Business Maker platform last fall and has seen demand for new websites surge. View More

Key Elements of a Successful Personal Brand

Building a strong personal brand is one of the best ways to grow your influence and build your business. Here are the six elements of a successful personal brand. View More

Best Funding Options for Minority-Owned Businesses

Many government agencies and organizations offer grants, funding and low-cost loans that are intended to help minority-owned businesses grow. View More

What Is Fintech?

Financial technology has been around for decades, but over the last few years, fintech companies have revolutionized the way people interact with financial services. View More

Best Slack Alternatives for Small Business

Slack is the top choice for many businesses when it comes to team communication. But if you’re looking for a Slack alternative, here are five excellent options to consider. View More

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing professional development is one of the best ways to help your employees sharpen their skills and feel more fulfilled at work. Here are some ways to help your employees apply these tools. View More

Best Resume Formatting Tips for Recent College Graduates

It can be hard to know what to include in a resume if you just graduated from college and have limited job history. Check out these tips for guidance on getting started. View More

How to Hire a More Diverse Workforce

Companies across nearly all industries are seeking to improve diversity and inclusion in their recruiting. Here’s how you can hire a more diverse team. View More

Kraft Heinz's Venture Fund Invests in New Food Technologies

Robot-powered micro-fulfillment centers that will revolutionize grocery delivery, lab-grown cheese and cashierless checkout are among the startups the food giant’s Evolv Ventures arm is betting on. View More

How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business

Getting your business officially certified as minority-owned can open up new opportunities for federal, state, local and corporate contracts. View More

Why You Should Consider Starting a Business Now

The idea of a “new normal” shouldn't hinder your budding business. In fact, it should give you an advantage in serving potential customers in the ways they are now looking to be served. View More

Startups Are Succeeding Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Disruptors from esports platform PlayVS and fitness startup Mirror to faux-meat darling Impossible Foods are gaining popularity with investors and homebound consumers alike. View More

CO— Blueprint: Reopening Your Business

In this first episode of CO— Blueprint, our panel of experts and small business owners share insider, best practices for a safe and successful return to business. View More

How to Build Your Personal Brand: Best Social Sites to Use

If you’re trying to build a strong personal brand, these five social media sites can help. View More

Interview With Lyft's Chief Strategy Officer on Innovating Post-Coronavirus

Raj Kapoor shares insights on creating a rapid-response corporate culture, and reveals how his personal experience with COVID-19 led to the creation of a site to aid clinical trials. View More

Office Furniture Ideas to Keep Workers Safe After COVID-19

As many businesses begin to reopen while COVID-19 continues to threaten communities, office spaces are being reconfigured in new ways to keep employees protected. View More

Ways to Improve Remote Team Communication

As the coronavirus pandemic reshapes how teams work globally, communication has become more important than ever. Here’s how to get your remote team on the same page. View More

MetLife and U.S. Chamber Small Business Survey Results Find Optimism

Almost half of the small businesses closed due to the pandemic are beginning to reopen, and small business owners are facing the future with cautious optimism. View More

How to Create a Successful Virtual Sales Process

Businesses that relied on in-person sales meetings now have to close deals by phone and video calls. Here's how to pivot your sales process for the long term. View More

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants work remotely to provide administrative services to their clients. This can give entrepreneurs the opportunity and flexibility to grow their business. View More

How to Start a Business Post-Pandemic

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the post-COVID world presents new business challenges and considerations. Here's what to know if you're starting a business now. View More

How to Support Employees as They Return to Work Post-Coronavirus

With many businesses reopening around the country, employers face the challenge of supporting workers as coronavirus concerns reshape the modern workplace. View More

What are the Stages of Career Development?

Learn more about the six stages of career development and how you can move through them with ease and confidence. View More

Customer Compliance Tips for In-Store Coronavirus Policies

Business owners must ensure their in-store customers comply with any new COVID-related policies they've put in place. Follow these tips when you reopen. View More

How to Prepare an Office for Post-Coronavirus Reopening

As companies adapt to the new normal, they’re making changes to the workplace environment. These creative office furniture ideas will keep your workers safe. View More

How to Screen Employees for Coronavirus

As states lift their stay-at-home orders and businesses begin reopening, a simple, inexpensive screening process can help protect employees, customers and your business from infection. View More

Chobani Tackles Plant-Based Food Industry With Oat Products

America’s No. 1-selling Greek yogurt now wants to conquer the hot plant-based food space, marking its biggest expansion ever, as it hustles to feed folks in need amid COVID-19. View More

Financing Options for Businesses Post-Coronavirus

Missed out on a CARES Act loan? Here are some other financing options to help keep your business afloat. View More

How Companies Are Preparing Employees for Reopening

As businesses around the country open their doors again, they face the challenge of keeping employees safe from COVID-19 transmission. Here’s what seven companies are doing to protect workers. View More

Macy's, Verizon, and Ulta Beauty Implement Safe Reopenings

How three major retail chains are reopening their stores and reconnecting with customers — at a social distance. View More

Are Businesses Required to Offer Health Insurance?

Businesses with under 50 full-time equivalent employees are not required to offer health insurance, but there are several alternatives to attract employees seeking benefit plans. View More

How to Start a Business Selling on eBay

From choosing the perfect product to sell to making sure your product stands out, there are several key tips when it comes to successfully selling on eBay. View More

Augmented and Virtual Reality: Uses For Small Business

VR and AR offer a way to expand your customer base and train your employees more effectively from a distance. View More

In-Person Businesses That Successfully Went Virtual

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to socially distance, businesses that have normally focused on in-person engagement have made the jump online. View More

How Companies Are Communicating With Customers About Reopening

Many businesses across the U.S. are reopening with new policies to keep customers and workers safe from the pandemic. Here are seven examples of how companies are communicating with their customers. View More

How Ashley Stewart Came Back From Bankruptcy by Showing Its Customers Loyalty and Care

CEO James Rhee reversed a 22-year profit loss for the plus-sized chain by making African American women feel seen and heard. That blueprint is now helping it navigate the pandemic. View More

How to Retrain Your Sales Team

With many traditional in-person sales tactics now off the table, business owners need to help their sales teams adapt their strategy to a post-coronavirus world. View More

Business Reopening Ideas to Improve Revenue and Engagement

Bring back your customers and employees safely with these ideas for reopening after the COVID-19 lockdowns. View More

Online Collaboration Tools to Improve Productivity

Collaborating with your team is always a challenge, but it’s even harder when you’re working remotely. View More

Walgreens Uses Technology to Serve Customers Amid COVID-19

The drugstore chain’s chief digital officer and other tech executives discuss accelerating digital innovation amid coronavirus and beyond as a ‘new normal’ evolves. View More

How to Onboard Remote Employees

Onboarding is crucial for employee productivity and retention, but more challenging when your new hire is working from home. Here’s how to onboard a remote employee. View More

Best Tools for Document Collaboration

If you’re running a remote work team, a document collaboration tool can help your business accomplish more in a simpler, faster way than if just using email. View More

Tax Implications of PPP Loans

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans have been a top option for businesses struggling due to COVID-19, but the tax obligations associated with them have been challenging to track and understand. View More

Best APIs for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing APIs integrate different technical tools to better enhance your video chat, such as mobile usage or in app chat. View More

Top Online Scheduling Tools

Make the most of your workday with these handy online scheduling tools. View More

Reopening Safely: Tips for Business Owners

As states begin to lift their stay-at-home orders, here's what your business needs to know about safely resuming operations. View More

Time Management Strategies for Working from Home

Time management becomes more challenging when you’re surrounded by the many distractions of home. Try these tips to stay productive while working remotely. View More

Best Time Management Tools for Small Business

Running a small business isn’t easy, and it’s hard to manage all the tasks on your to-do list. If you’re constantly feeling pressed for time, these five time management tools can help. View More

Best Remote Team-Building Activities

Remote employees need team-building as much, if not more, than in-office workers. View More

How to Improve Video Conference Security

Due to COVID-19, many companies have gone completely virtual and are using video conferencing software to conduct meetings. There are, however, risks to using this kind of software. View More

Business Reopening: State-Level Resources for Business Owners

Many businesses around the U.S. have begun to reopen following coronavirus shutdowns. Here’s how to see where your state stands and if your business can open. View More

Office Depot's New Tech Aims to Improve Customer Experience

Mobile tools facilitate curbside pickup and contactless delivery during COVID-19 pandemic. View More

Post-Quarantine Business Reopening Strategies

As businesses across the U.S. grapple with how to open again in the coronavirus era, some are making big changes to create safer environments. View More

Entertainment Company Main Event Pivots Its Business Virtually

How the Dallas-based entertainment company generated a wealth of good will, and learned new ways of connecting with customers through Instagram Live events and celebrity shoutouts. View More

Guide to the Main Street Lending Program

The Federal Reserve recently announced the $600 billion Main Street Lending Program, which will provide large loans to businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. View More

National Small Business Town Hall Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: CARES Act

In our final National Small Business Town Hall experts discuss ongoing CARES Act legislations and small business survival strategies. View More

Facial Recognition Tech Gains Traction During COVID-19

As fast-food chains like CaliBurger test facial recognition technology to expedite customer orders, the tech is also being used to take body temperatures to help keep workplaces safe amid COVID-19. View More

Best Business Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Tools that boost your team's productivity can help improve your bottom line. If you're trying to decide which tools are worth implementing, check out this list. View More

How to Tell Customers Your Business Is Reopening

If your business is ready to reopen after COVID-19, you'll need an effective communication plan to spread the word to customers. View More

Mastercard Marketing and Cybersecurity Mentorship for Female Entrepreneurs

A look at the strategies designed to aid small businesses navigating COVID-19 and beyond, as they pivot online and look for new ways to reach customers. View More

How to Structure Employee PTO Policies

Paid time off is an important employee benefit for every business, but designing the right policy is no simple task. Here are some common PTO policies to help you structure your paid time off program. View More

Workshop Wednesday: Building New Workplaces for the Post-Pandemic World

Experts discuss the new normal as we look ahead to the post-coronavirus business landscape. View More

How Will Machine Learning Impact Your Business?

Machine learning and AI are already changing many facets of the business world. Here are a few areas that are evolving thanks to this technology. View More

How to Start a Business Selling Homemade Crafts

From identifying your product to creating a marketing plan, this guide will help you get started in the business of selling crafts. View More

Recruitment Marketing: Strategy Tips From Experts

Recruitment marketing has become an important part of the overall hiring process for many companies. Here's what you need to know. View More

Pattern Brands Gears Offerings Toward Quarantined Consumers

How brand whisperer Gin Lane transformed into a (renamed) DTC holding company, with home and kitchenware sites that serve the nation’s homebound moment. View More

Reopening Post-Coronavirus: Guide for Small Business

A guide to helping businesses of all types and in all regions navigate the complex process of reopening and evolving post-coronavirus pandemic. View More

Pandemic Business Trends That Are Here to Stay

Several aspects of business during COVID-19 will last far after the pandemic subsides, including e-commerce, technology investments and working from home. View More

National Small Business Town Hall: Coronavirus and Reopening Discussions

This Friday, May 8, 2020, tune in at 12 p.m. EST, our seventh virtual discussion with Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce regarding small business concerns relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

Can an Employee Own Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property comes in many forms, but for business owners, it’s important to understand your rights as an employer compared to your employees’ rights when it comes to intellectual property. View More

Coronavirus Impact Poll: Small Businesses Adapt & Transition

The latest Coronavirus Impact Poll performed by MetLife and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that many small businesses are adapting and pivoting their workflows to make it through the pandemic. View More

Hello Products Takes Natural Oral Care Mainstream

Now a division of Colgate-Palmolive, the brand is launching a new line of CBD-infused products in Ulta Beauty stores and ramping up its e-commerce capabilities. View More

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing has a direct positive impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Here’s how to implement it into your marketing strategy. View More

Tools for Tracking & Boosting Employee Engagement

Employee feedback is a very important component of employee engagement and can be the difference between a successful team and a high turnover rate. View More

Workshop Wednesday: Pivoting Your Business to Survive the Pandemic

A behind-the-scenes look at how a brewery and an event company shifted strategies to generate sales, and how a professional coaching organization is helping small businesses weather COVID-19. View More

What Is a B Corp? Advantages and Requirements

A B Corp is a for-profit corporation recognized by the majority of U.S. states that are driven by both mission and profit. View More

How to Create an Internal Communications Strategy

Many businesses forego an internal communications strategy, which can result in a poor company culture. Find out why you need an internal communications plan and learn how to implement it. View More

How Businesses Are Pivoting to Cater to Homebound Customers

Consumption looks much different than it did just months ago, and brands that sell home goods and fitness equipment to video games are racing to deliver on post-COVID-19 priorities. View More

How Business Owners Are Reopening After COVID-19

Businesses that have been shut down or operating at limited capacity are thinking ahead to what their post-coronavirus reality might look like. View More

How to File for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can help your business "start over" if you're in financial trouble. Here's what you need to know about the filing process. View More

List of Fintech Companies Offering Paycheck Protection Program Loans

Many innovative fintech companies have been approved to offer Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans to small businesses around the country. View More

Betabrand CEO on Its Successful Shift from Menswear to Women's Work-From-Home Fashion

How Betabrand built its $70 million DTC fashion business on humor and social engagement, pivoting now to meet the new work-from-home normal. View More

Customer Communication Tips During Coronavirus

Businesses that want to survive COVID-19 must maintain consistent and relevant communication with customers throughout the pandemic. Here's how to do it. View More

National Small Business Town Hall: Coronavirus Funding & Resources

In our sixth installment from Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Editor-At-Large Kimberly Weisul and U.S. Chamber Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley discuss the latest in coronavirus funding. View More

How to Negotiate Payment Terms with Vendors

Many business owners are shy about approaching suppliers for better payment terms. Here are some ways to approach your vendors successfully. View More

Free Tools for Small Businesses During Coronavirus Pandemic

These tools can help you reach new customers, manage your payroll and work together remotely — all for free. View More

How to Connect With Customers on Facebook in a Crisis

Your Facebook page can foster a positive community, provide resources of value and position your business as a trustworthy, reliable leader in troubled times. View More

Best Tools for Creating Animated Videos

Today, creating an animated video is as easy as dragging and dropping elements onto a page. These tools can help you boost your video marketing efforts. View More

Pinterest's Unique Platform Is Allowing for Deeper Consumer Insight

As activity on the visual search engine soars amid COVID-19, the platform’s insights team is working with newfound urgency to deliver consumer trend analysis to help brands shape their advertising. View More

How to Support Your Employees in a Crisis

During a crisis, employees turn to the leadership team for support and guidance. Here's how to help your team through the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

Free Ways to Promote Your Small Business

More platforms and bigger companies are pivoting their efforts to help small and struggling businesses make it through the coronavirus pandemic. View More

Stella & Dot Is Pivoting Its Home-Selling Model to Spur Growth

Founder Jessica Herrin on the brand’s new strategy, and how fortuitously, a pre-COVID 19 pivot to social selling is girding the business to weather the crisis. View More

Workshop Wednesday: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

A small business owner and a cybersecurity expert share best practices and the cybersecurity tools necessary to keep your business safe. View More

How Big Companies Are Aiding in Coronavirus Relief Efforts

Many of the world’s largest companies have stepped up to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic, with a handful offering assistance in inventive ways. View More

Zoom Video Conferencing Alternatives

Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform, but the recent security and privacy concerns have led many businesses to seek alternative video call apps. Here are five options to choose from. View More

How to Use Technology in Talent Management and Recruitment

Streamline your hiring process with these easy-to-use tech platforms that help you find, interview and onboard the best candidates. View More

What Is the Difference Between PR and Public Affairs?

Public relations and public affairs overlap in certain ways, but they are two very different industries. We explain some of the nuances of both, and how they are different. View More

How to Handle Employee Performance Issues During a Crisis

Business leaders should approach performance issues with empathy and an open mind — while making sure to follow codes of ethics and conduct. View More

Businesses That Were Saved by Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become a surprising source of income for struggling businesses. Here are five small businesses who launched successful crowdfunding campaigns. View More

National Small Business Town Hall: Small Business Resources

Details on the new small business aid package and strategies and ideas to continue through this pause. View More

How to Offer COBRA Health Insurance

COBRA is an important health insurance program that provides eligible employees health insurance in certain events. Here is everything you need to know about COBRA. View More

How Local Stores Are Moving to Selling Online

As customers moved en masse to online shopping, some stores were ready for them. View More

Guide to Using Microlending to Fund a Business

Microloans often come with coaching and mentorship to help your business get off the ground successfully. View More

Types of Businesses Benefiting During Coronavirus Pandemic

From misshapen produce to toilet paper created from bamboo, typical consumer demand has shifted dramatically amidst the coronavirus pandemic. View More

Workshop Wednesday: Managing and Motivating a Team During Coronavirus

Experts discuss strategies and tools to create a positive and productive work environment — even if you can’t see your team every day. View More

How to Create an Effective Home Office Setup

Here are the hardware and software solutions from Dell to help you work remotely with success. View More

How to Be a Great Leader During a Crisis

Strong leadership should always be a priority for any organization, but it's especially important to have a unified, consistent leadership front during a crisis. View More

Federal Coronavirus Aid for 1099 Workers

Recently passed laws provide financial assistance to small businesses impacted by COVID-19, including ways to help independent contractors and self-employed individuals. View More

Bookshop.org Helps Booksellers Stay in Business During COVID-19

The founder of the communal virtual storefront, which launched this year to help bookstores compete against Amazon, discusses adapting to change and the unexpected silver lining buoying its members. View More

Keep Workers Safe During Coronavirus: How Major Brands Do It

From infrared scanners that take workers’ temperatures to new hygiene protocols, Tyson Foods to Delta Airlines share how they’re boosting efforts to protect employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

How to Change Your Zoom Background

Due to COVID-19, many companies have gone completely virtual and are using software like Zoom to conduct meetings. To customize your background in Zoom, here are the steps to follow. View More

Email Marketing: Easy Steps to Get You Started

An effective email marketing campaign can quickly boost sales if done correctly. Follow these 5 steps to get started. View More

COVID-19 Financial Relief Resources for 1099 Contractors

These resources, from SBA loans to industry-specific grants, are available to freelancers, self-employed workers or independent contractors who are struggling financially. View More

National Small Business Town Hall Inc. and U.S. Chamber Coronavirus Resources

The fourth installment of our National Small Business Town Hall from Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce took place April 17, and discussed the resources available to businesses in need of funding. View More

How to Host a Great Webinar

Webinars are a great way to engage a new audience as they are inexpensive, easy to produce and provide long-term marketing materials. Here is how to host a great webinar. View More

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Business Operating Remotely

As more employees shift to a remote work arrangement, small businesses should prioritize these cybersecurity practices. View More

Fashion Industry Adapts to Coronavirus Crisis

The fashion world must cooperate and keep all of the links in its supply chain intact to be able to recover from this crisis, industry experts say. View More

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence in which computer algorithms can detect and process data and learn through continuous experience with new data. View More

Famous Entrepreneurs Who Started Small

Everyone has to start somewhere, and many of the most successful entrepreneurs came from very humble beginnings. These entrepreneurs started out small, but grew their companies to national brands. View More

Small Business Tax Implications of Coronavirus Legislation

The CARES Act, PPP program and other federal programs designed to help businesses get through COVID-19 disruptions present many new tax questions. View More

Workshop Wednesday: How to Keep Customers Engaged During Coronavirus

Adapting to marketplace needs, tapping technology that keeps you open for business and communicating authentically are key to navigating the crisis, experts said. View More

Business Loans for Startups

If crowdfunding, angel investments or capital from friends and family aren’t an option for you, here are some tips on where you can start. View More

Online Marketplace Faire Helps Independent Businesses

Online marketplace Faire, which has enjoyed rapid growth since its launch in 2017, is adding COVID-19 crisis-response tools to its new offerings designed to help independent stores. View More

The Rise of Telehealth: Interview With PlushCare CEO

How one digital health care startup is bringing care online in a moment of pandemic-fueled crisis. View More

How to Connect With Customers on Social Media During a Crisis

Are you struggling with what to post on social media in light of COVID-19? One social media expert shares her thoughts on how businesses can use social media to connect with customers during a crisis. View More

Improving the Quality of Video Livestreams: Expert Tips

Livestreaming is a great way to market your company and engage with customers, but getting it right can be challenging. This expert’s tips on improving the quality of your video streaming can help. View More

How to Promote your Business on Instagram During a Crisis

Instagram’s visual tools help keep your customers engaged while your brand works to recover from a crisis. View More

How to Use GoFundMe Crowdfunding in a Crisis

Learn how to use this free platform’s powerful fundraising capabilities to its full potential. View More

Free Business Events to Attend Online During Coronavirus

These September industry conferences will serve up business intelligence and trend insights designed to help startups to legacy brands navigate a fourth quarter like no other amid COVID-19. View More

National Small Business Town Hall Inc. & U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Loans for 1099 Contractor

Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce team up for our virtual National Small Business Town Hall to help small business owners and sole proprietors alike navigate programs that are available to them. View More

Business Success Tips for Introverts

Common misconceptions about introversion can be discouraging, but there are ways to thrive as an introvert in the business world. View More

Great Elevator Pitch Examples

Here are 10 proven ways to craft an elevator pitch that will help you successfully introduce and gain support for your business. View More

State Government Coronavirus Assistance Guide

While federal programs to help companies affected by COVID-19 have taken center stage, many states and cities are offering critical financial assistance for small businesses as well. View More

One in Four Businesses Temporarily Close Due to Coronavirus

The most recent survey by MetLife and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that small businesses are most favorable toward financial assistance in the form of direct cash payments. View More

Most Popular Webinar-Hosting Tools for Businesses

You may be working from home now, but you still need a way to meet with employees and clients. These seven webinar software platforms can help. View More

Coronavirus Employee Retention Tax Credit Guide

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) can greatly help businesses that suffered revenue reductions from COVID-19. View More

Anticipated Business Trends Post-Coronavirus

Expert prognosticators take a future-forward look at our potential post-COVID-19 new normal: ‘At times of crisis we see innovation flourish.’ View More

Businesses Adapt to Meet Demand During Coronavirus Outbreak

Businesses are growing more responsive and creative in the face of COVID-19, identifying their customers’ changing needs and offering solutions. View More

Coronavirus Is Causing Brands to Adjust Their Digital Strategies

Communication, delivering virtual experiences and staying true to your message are key, the brands said. View More

How to Make Your Video Meetings More Productive

With more and more people working remotely, the importance of meaningful meetings has grown. View More

How to Host Virtual Events: Guide

Virtual events work best when you keep sessions short and offer ways for participants to actively engage. View More

National Small Business Town Hall Inc. & U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Stimulus

The federal government has acted, and $350 billion in loans are now available to help small businesses impacted by the coronavirus. Learn how to access those funds in our Small Business Town Hall. View More

How to Provide Great Customer Service During a Crisis

When things are going wrong, it’s important to know how to communicate with your customers effectively. Here are six ways you can provide great customer service during a crisis. View More

How to Start a Nonprofit Business

Nonprofits can be a significant source of good in the community, but starting one is not easy. If you’re considering launching a nonprofit organization, here are seven steps you can take. View More

How to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store

Driving quality traffic to your e-commerce site makes the difference between business as usual and growing your business to its full potential. View More

How to Improve Company Culture for Remote Workers

Company culture has a major impact on employee retention. It's important to maintain a positive culture, even when you're working remotely. View More

Managing Remote Teams: Business Management Trends to Watch

Don't micromanage your team while they're working from home. Here are four popular business management trends that can help you lead your team remotely. View More

Video Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Video marketing is an engaging way to attract consumers to your brand. Here are some helpful tools to get your small business started. View More

Paycheck Protection Loans Questions Answered

The federal Paycheck Protection Program offers forgivable loans to small businesses, but it has been changed several times. We answer all of your biggest questions. View More

How to Manage Employees in a Crisis

Steer your team through any crisis with these tips for managing employees at your small business. View More

Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic: Consumer Psychologist Interview

Kit Yarrow, who’s counted brands from GE to Westfield malls among her clients, discusses the nation’s psyche during crises, and what’s critical to reaching consumers navigating the pandemic today. View More

How Small Businesses Are Supporting Coronavirus Efforts

With the impact of coronavirus affecting businesses across the nation, many business owners are taking the opportunity to find creative ways to help others. View More

How to Get an Coronavirus Emergency Paycheck Protection Loan

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act sets aside $350 billion for small business loans to provide economic relief in 2020. Here’s how to get one of these loans. View More

Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on Food Delivery Businesses

Panic-buying and fear of contagion are driving many consumers to download apps for groceries and meals during the coronavirus crisis. View More

Nonprofit, Not-for Profit & For-Profit Organizations Explained

These terms have different implications for your taxes, corporate governance and business activities.  View More

National Small Business Town Hall: CARES Act

Find out what the federal government's coronavirus stimulus programs mean to your small business in this presentation from Inc. in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. View More

CARES Act: Everything Small Businesses Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the Paycheck Protection Loan and the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan programs. View More

How to Handle COVID-19 Layoffs and Furloughs

Many businesses facing COVID-related closures must make the difficult decision to temporarily lay off or furlough employees. Here's how to handle it properly. View More

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Guide for Businesses

The recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act makes substantial changes to sick and FMLA leave for businesses and employees in 2020. View More

How to Apply for an Small Business SBA Disaster Loan

If your business is struggling in the wake of COVID-19, these steps will help guide you through the application process for a low-interest small business loan. View More

Guide to SBA Disaster Assistance Loans for Coronavirus

New legislation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic provides funding for the SBA to provide low-interest disaster assistance loans to struggling small businesses. View More

Sales Techniques to Change Due to Coronavirus Hygiene Concerns

Retailers will have to rethink their favorite sales techniques as consumers become more concerned about hygiene amid COVID-19. View More

Customer Communication During Coronavirus: Technology Tools

Business owners are exploring new ways to engage with customers in the wake of COVID-19. Here are some popular tech tools that aid in these communications. View More

Coronavirus: Guide to Federal Small Business Stimulus Aid Programs

A breakdown of all the federal programs and aid for small business coronavirus assistance. View More

Coronavirus Crowdfunding Campaigns for Small Businesses

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to financially impact small businesses, a crowdfunding campaign could help you stay afloat. View More

Changes in Consumer Buying After Coronavirus Pandemic

More online grocery orders, more buying in bulk and more virtual store experiences are some of the likely changes. View More

Coronavirus: Businesses That Are Succeeding During the Pandemic

While many companies are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic, some small businesses are seeing lots of new and returning customers. View More

How to Recruit in the New Remote Work Landscape

Due to COVID-19, many companies have gone completely virtual. If you're hiring, here's what you need to know to successfully adapt your recruiting process. View More

Famous Quotes About Overcoming Adversity

During challenging times, we can spiral into fear and worry or use the situation to make us stronger. Here are seven quotes from famous people who’ve done the latter. View More

How to Minimize Business Losses During Coronavirus Outbreak

Business experts offer their best tips for businesses who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

Coronavirus Pandemic: Restaurants Adapt to Takeout & Drive-Thru

Foodservice giants like Starbucks and McDonald’s rapidly shift gears to keep employees and customers safe, while working with vendors to ensure that food continues to flow through the supply chain. View More

Coronavirus Effects on Businesses in Major Industries

A look at the unfolding fallout from COVID-19 on stores, hotels, foodservice and fashion, and glimpsing a post-pandemic business landscape. View More

Has Social Media Replaced PR?

Social media gives small businesses a new way to conduct public relations outreach — but these platforms can also interrupt your PR efforts if you aren’t careful. View More

How to Encourage Remote Workers to be Productive

With companies all over the U.S. and the world mandating or encouraging remote work, here are ways to keep your employees getting critical work done. View More

Famous Entrepreneurs Describe Their Biggest Failures

No one is an overnight success, and failure is an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial journey. See what seven famous entrepreneurs had to say about their biggest failures.  View More

How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

As companies continue to implement full-time remote work policies due to COVID-19, here are some smart ways to keep your employees engaged in their jobs. View More

Coronavirus Best Practices for Small Businesses

The coronavirus has caused problems for many small businesses across the U.S. Here are some best practices you can follow to manage the situation for your employees and customers. View More

How Small Businesses Are Adapting to Coronavirus Restrictions

With small businesses hit hard by coronavirus-related restrictions, shutdowns and customer unease, here are nine clever ways they are dealing with new business changes. View More

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Many businesses struggle to drive more traffic to their website. If you’re not getting as much traffic as you’d like, these five strategies will help.  View More

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Internationally

Small businesses increasingly face global competition as well as international copycats. Protect your IP from overseas competitors by following these guidelines for trademarks, patents and copyrights. View More

How to Keep Employees Calm During Coronavirus Pandemic

Panic is mounting across the U.S. in response to COVID-19. Here are some tips for small business owners looking to manage coronavirus fears among employees. View More

Intellectual Property Theft: A Guide for Businesses

Your intellectual property is the foundation of your business at large. Here is everything you need to know about IP theft and how to prove your rights have been infringed on. View More

How to Work from Home With Kids

With schools closing across the country in response to COVID-19, running a business from home just got a lot more challenging. Here’s how to survive. View More

Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Farica Chang, director of Anderson Technologies, offers expert advice on how businesses can keep cybersecurity sharp while employees work remotely. View More

Best Tech Tools for Working Remotely

If your business is now managing a full-time remote workforce for the first time, here are a few tech tools that will help your quarantined team stay connected. View More

Examples of Communicating With Customers During Coronavirus

How companies from Capital One to Starbucks are communicating with customers during coronavirus and what your business can learn from them. View More

How to Keep Customers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Even if you need to close due to health and safety concerns, there are ways to keep serving your customers during the coronavirus outbreak. View More

What Is the SECURE Act? | Small Business 401(k)

The SECURE Act promises small business owners more incentives for offering retirement plans to employees, but there are still challenges ahead. View More

Home-Office Printer Features

With coronavirus pushing many employees to work from home, people are shopping for good printers they can use at home. Here are the features to look for in a high-quality home printer. View More

How to Stay Connected to Customers During Coronavirus Crisis

Your customers may be on self-quarantine, but that doesn't mean you can't stay connected and continue providing excellent service. View More

Surviving the Coronavirus: Resources for Small Businesses

The coronavirus is causing financial difficulties for businesses across the U.S. Here is a complete listing of all of our coronavirus resources for small businesses. View More

COVID-19 Pandemic: Immediate Steps Businesses Can Take

Here are the top CDC-recommended tips that small business owners can take to mitigate risk, protect employees and support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. View More

How to Create an Emergency Work-from-Home Policy

With the coronavirus threatening the safety of working on-site, human resources experts offer their top tips for ensuring your employees are prepared to telecommute in a pinch. View More

What Is Unified Communication?

Unified communication allows small businesses to integrate several different communication services under one platform, providing benefits such as improved efficiency and reduced costs. View More

How to Start a Business in Texas

Texas is an excellent place to run a business. Here’s how to start your own business in the Lone Star State. View More

Coronavirus Concerns: What to Do If Employees Can’t Work Remotely

While COVID-19 has pushed many companies to adopt remote work practices, here are some ideas to consider for employees who do not have the option to work remotely. View More

Business Ideas for Every Interest

One of the most difficult parts of starting a business is thinking up a sustainable business idea. Here are business ideas for every interest and goal. View More

Best Tools to Track Employee Engagement

Creating an engaged workplace is no small feat, but it’s worth the effort. If you’re struggling in this area, the following employee engagement tools can help. View More

What is Earned Media?

Your audience is getting tired of seeing paid ads every time they log into their social media accounts. Learn how to make an impact on potential customers with earned media.  View More

Free Government Grant Programs for Small Business

When you know where to look, help for your small business is there for the taking. View More

Predictive Analytics Boosts Customer Service at Reputation.com

The site is looking to take its reputation management services to new heights with data analytics designed to predict potential customer service issues. View More

Negotiation Insights from Daymond John's 'Powershift'

In his new book, "Powershift," Daymond John of ABC's "Shark Tank" explains how to take control and create moments of true change in your life and business. View More

How Do I Start a Business Instagram Account?

Instagram is a popular platform for marketing your brand and developing customer relationships. Here's how to start a business account on Instagram. View More

Everything You Need to Know About Angel Investors

Every startup needs funding and angel investors could be a viable part of your investment strategy. Here’s everything you need to know about angel investors and the pros and cons of working with them. View More

WW CEO Mindy Grossman Talks Brand Transformation [Interview]

WW CEO Mindy Grossman shares how the weight loss brand’s transformation into a ‘technology company with a human-centric overlay’ — and a little Oprah magic — is key to competing in today's market. View More

What Tools Do Hiring Managers Use?

To help you stay afloat in your recruiting efforts, considering using some of these efficient tools. View More

How to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding has grown to be a popular and effective method of fundraising a business, but there are several strategies that budding businesses should implement before, during and after the campaign. View More

The Bouqs Co. Expands With New Investor Funding

How $30 million will help the online floral company grow internationally and in bridal and brick-and-mortar retail, too. View More

Intellectual Property Rights: A Guide for Business Owners

Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets. Learn how to protect it properly to give your business a competitive advantage for years to come. View More

Common Crowdfunding Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)

Crowdfunding is a popular funding method for startups, but it must be executed appropriately. Here are six common mistakes to avoid. View More

Employee Reviews Alternatives: 5 Things to Do Instead

Employers are replacing the once-a-year annual employee review model with more informal, ongoing methods. Here are five alternatives to employee reviews. View More

How to Offer Gift Cards at Your Business

Gift cards are one way businesses are generating revenue during the coronavirus outbreak. Here's how to offer them at your business. View More

What Is Recruitment Marketing? A Complete Guide

Marketing is a major part of recruitment. Here’s everything you should know about recruitment marketing. View More

Small Businesses Trends to Watch in 2020

Some trends come and go, but these eight changes in customer and employee behavior are here to stay. It’s time your business got on board. View More

Does Common Law Cover Intellectual Property?

Is your intellectual property protected under common law? The short answer: no. Make sure you protect your business’s valuable IP appropriately depending on what you own.  View More

How to Use Social Media for Public Relations

It’s important for businesses to think about how they can use social media as part of a their PR strategy. Here are six ways to use social media for public relations. View More

Strong Roots Takes Plant-Based Foods From Ireland to the US

The Irish food brand built a multi-million-dollar business in Ireland and the United Kingdom with its fresh approach to frozen vegetables. Now it’s looking to expand here. View More

How to Apply for a Business Grant

Funding your startup can be a challenge. Applying for grant money takes time but may give you that boost you need to launch your business. View More

Best Data Backup Solutions for Businesses

Losing sensitive company or customer information can be detrimental to the health of any business. Fortunately, backing up your data is a fairly simple process. View More

How to Start a Business in California

Opening a business in the Golden State? Here are a few reasons why you should start a business in California and some steps for getting started. View More

Goal Setting Strategies That Work: A Guide for Managers

Setting goals for your employees is important for staff retention and company morale. Here are some tips for success. View More

How Bed Bath & Beyond Keeps Its Pricing Strategy Competitive

The chief value optimization officer of the home chain discusses the task of melding data science with the art of merchandising—critical to surviving and thriving in an omnichannel shopping world. View More

What Is the Best Business Entity for a Small Business?

The type of business structure you should choose depends on your business’s needs. Here are the best ones for small businesses. View More

When to Crowdfund Instead of Using Venture Capital

Both crowdfunding and venture capitalists are great options for small business funding, but which is right for you? View More

Major Brand Executives Explain Top

CEOs’ business-driving strategies highlight the trends reshaping the retail landscape and the push to adapt to consumers’ heightened demands. View More

How to Start a Business in Florida

Florida is an excellent place to run a business. Here’s how to start your business in the Sunshine State. View More

Coworking Spaces: How to Decide If They're Right for You

Coworking spaces have become mainstream over the past decade, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for you. This article outlines five things to consider before renting a coworking space. View More

Employee Review Tools for Business Owners & Managers

Employee reviews are one of the best ways to measure employee performance and increase communication within your business. These seven tools will make it easier to conduct employee reviews. View More

Can You Use a 401(k) to Start a Business?

If your business requires less than $50,000 to start and you have a solid repayment plan, borrowing your business’s startup funds from your 401(k) may prove a viable option. View More

Employee Reviews: A Step-by-Step Guide

Employee reviews can feel overwhelming, especially if you lead a large team. These six steps will take the stress out of employee review season. View More

Ecommerce Business Ideas to Inspire You

With 2.05 billion current online buyers globally, there is a strong case for venturing into the online selling space. View More

Employee Review Templates [Available for Download]

To ensure you’re properly reviewing your employees, consider following a template that will guide you through the process. Here are five great templates for various types of reviews. View More

How to Give Employees Financial Updates About Your Business

New research says most workers would be interested in getting notified about company revenue, but many companies only update a select few. View More

How to Network the Right Way, According to Experts

Making meaningful connections can help your business succeed. Here’s how to do it successfully. View More

Best Podcast Streaming Apps for Your Business

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