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How to Write a Great Speech in 7 Simple Steps

These seven steps will help you write a memorable and effective speech. View More

Pet Humanization Trend Creates Brand & Business Opportunities

Pets have become part of the family, fueling opportunities for gourmet pet food, pet insurance, boutique vet clinics, nutritional supplements, and pet tech. View More

5 Social Media Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

Boost your social media marketing efforts with these time-saving tips. View More

The 8 Must-Have Traits of a Great Public Speaker

Great speakers aren’t just born that way — they actively work at getting better. Here are the eight must-have traits for a public speaker. View More

What Makes a Great Business Name? 8 Traits to Aim For

Choosing the wrong business name can limit your growth and prevent you from connecting with your customers. Learn the eight traits of a great business name. View More

What to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a budget-friendly option for new or small businesses. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a coworking space to find the best fit for your company. View More

How To Stay Competitive Without Lowering Prices

Price isn’t everything when it comes to customer loyalty. Here’s how to avoid a price war and connect with customers. View More

5 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Are you wasting time during your workday? Use these productivity tips to improve your workflow and get more done. View More

How to Price Competitively Without Devaluing Your Brand

Try to avoid a price war by performing a pricing analysis and using a combination of tactics to appeal to customers beyond price. View More

BIPOC Business Leaders Share Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Executives from major brands share their best advice and the moves they’ve found foundational to success. View More

Fashion Entrepreneur Finds Motivation Amid Competition

Formalwear business founder Marissa Tilley shares her tips for fashion entrepreneurs breaking into the industry. View More

How To Ask For Help With Your Business

Everyone needs help at some point in their professional careers. Here’s how to ask for help — and get it. View More

Nespresso Delves Into Tech to Find Out What Its Best Customers Want

The coffee brand’s VP of Marketing for its U.S. business explains how data intelligence is revealing what its devotees care most about. View More

What Are "Maximizers," and What Do You Need to Know About Them?

Maximizing is a style of shopping that emphasizes the less-is-more approach to buying new things. View More

Can’t Find Workers? It’s Time for a New Type of ‘Employer Branding’ To Woo Them

The power of a brand to drive sales is well known. Now, companies are learning that a new sort of brand can also drive employee recruitment and retention. View More

How to Decide When to Take a Risk as an Entrepreneur

A systematic approach to taking a risk as an entrepreneur can lead to big payoffs. Here's how a bit of cautious optimism can help you succeed. View More

What to Know About Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Interest in second chance hiring has increased, yet barriers remain. Explore new data about hiring workers with a criminal record. View More

How to Write a Diversity Statement

A recent study from the APA shows that internal diversity messaging doesn’t work when it's focused on the benefit to the business. View More

Top DEI Execs on Diversity Strategies That Drive Real Results

Leaders share their best practices for creating an effective diversity strategy. View More

How to Choose a Retirement Plan for Your Small Business

Keep these important considerations in mind when choosing a retirement plan for your small business. View More

Black Founders’ Best Advice on Success

These 10 quotes from Black business owners can inspire other founders of color who want to create and sustain a successful business. View More

AriZona CEO: How the Tea Brand’s Foray into Snack Food Revealed Its Next Growth Opportunity

Careful experimentation and a deep knowledge of its customer base helped the beverage brand ace an entirely new product category with an inflation-resistant pricing strategy. View More

Pet Store Owner Shares His Business Growth Story

City of Paws Pet Care owner Danny Offenbacher speaks about being adaptable and filling gaps in the pet care industry. View More

Personality Traits You'll Need To Run Your Business During a Recession

Learn the traits business owners should consider adopting to weather a possible recession. View More

How 3 Startups Generated Exponential Sales Growth on TikTok

Babylist, Eterneva, and Liteboxer share the secrets of their viral success on the short-form video platform. View More